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Make your sandwiches fun with these five different fillings | Read

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Lucknow: Sandwiches are our on the go snack. We can eat them with our hands or pack them to go and share with friends. What’s there to not love about the humble sarnie? Here are some of our favourite sandwich filling ideas for everyone to try at least once as what could be more satisfying than some soft, fresh bread filled with meats and cheeses or a crunchy baguette or toasty grilled cheese

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So if you’re looking for some drooling recipes that go beyond just deli meat, this list of 5 satisfying sandwich recipes is for you:

1. Egg salad sandwich

Egg salad sandwich

This easy homemade egg salad recipe is perfect for egg salad sandwiches and a quick lunch! Although you probably won’t want to carry egg salad on a plane or train anytime soon, you can’t deny that it’s creamy and tasty.

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One of my favourite tricks is to mix cooked yolks with minced egg whites.

It’s a brilliant method to obtain that delicious egg flavour and silky smooth texture in each bite.

2. Grilled cheese sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwich

Grilled cheese is a popular late-night snack that may even be served for dinner if you’re not too hungry. It’s just the greatest when you have the correct sort of bread and enough of freshly grated cheese!

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 3. The Ultimate clubhouse sandwich

The Ultimate clubhouse sandwich

You can’t stay away from a club sandwich if it’s on the menu. It’s delicious with grilled chicken and avocado, but it’s also delicious with sliced ham or turkey. The bread, on the other hand, is the key to producing a club sandwich.

One, two, three slices, to be exact! If you leave off the central component, your sandwich will lose its structure and begin to fall apart.

Alternate the green and pink sections of three ribbon sandwiches. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for many hours.

Immediately after removing from the refrigerator, slice into half-inch thick checkerboard sandwiches.

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Because the alternate colours resemble a checkerboard, these are also called checkerboard sandwiches.

4. Sandwich with ham

Sandwich with ham

Yes, that is a bold statement, and some of you will disagree, however, this is a fantastic sandwich. No one can resist the combination of crispy French bread and spicy pepper jam. Combine it with salty ham and acidic goat’s cheese for a taste combination that will blow your mind.

5. Smashed chickpea salad sandwich

Have you tried chickpea blondies before? Prepare to be wowed! Because chickpeas have such a light flavour, you can add so much to the mix. When you mash them, they’ll have a texture similar to chicken salad.

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Here’re some sandwich-making tips

-When cutting bread pieces, maintain them in pairs to ensure that they fit together.

-Butter, margarine, or spread should be at room temperature to spread evenly without ripping the bread. If required, apply cream. Make sure the spread is extremely narrow.

-Dietary restrictions can also influence the sort of sandwich filling you use. Some individuals like fillings that are more expensive, such as chicken, lunch meat, corned beef, and sausages, while others prefer basic fillings like egg, tuna, and cheese.

-As in a clubhouse sandwich, bread can be stacked with one or more varieties of filling.

-Various colours of bread can be combined and sliced differently to create interesting sandwich designs.

-Spread evenly on toast to prevent sogginess.

-Change up your sandwiches by using different types of bread.

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-Spread evenly on toast to prevent sogginess.

-Experiment with different shapes and ingredients for your sandwiches.

Sandwiches: How to Pack Them

Wrap the sandwich in paper napkins or store it in bags to keep it fresher, especially if it’s going to be packed as a snack. If you’re serving the dish right away, a nice platter would be appropriate. Place any sandwiches that will be served later in a covered tray lined with a moist cloth. To avoid drying, keep them there until serving time.

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