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Mamata’s dig on Modi: I do send gifts to people but will not give them a single vote

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After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement during his interview with Akshay Kumar that Mamata Banerjee sends him kurtas and gifts on every occasion, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took a dig on him and said that she might send gifts to people but she will not give them a single vote.

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“I send rosogollas to people. I do send them gifts during pujas and offer tea, but will not give (them) a single vote,” Banerjee said without naming the Prime Minister, during an election rally, here in the Hoogly district.

He also said Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina used to send him special sweets every year from Dhaka. When Banerjee came to know about it, she also started sending him Bengali sweets on “one or two occasions every year”.

In her rally, Banerjee accused Modi of converting huge amount of black money into white through demonetisation and spending it to purchase votes.

“Modi babu, you forcibly imposed demonetisation on people in order to convert black money into white and now spend them during elections to purchase votes. But your efforts will go in vain in Bengal,” she said.

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Later, in a rally at Krishnanagar in Nadia, she alleged the BJP was trying to buy votes by distributing gifts.

“You (Modi) will be thrown out after the elections. Our government will prove what a big scam demonetisation was,” she said.

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