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Manipur Implements ‘No Work, No Pay’ Policy Amid Ongoing Violence

Government Officials Face Consequences for Absence Amid Ongoing Violence.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Manipur Implements ‘No Work, No Pay’ Policy Amid Ongoing Violence

In response to dwindling attendance in government offices amid ongoing violence, the Manipur government has introduced a “no-work, no-pay” rule, effective immediately. This policy targets employees who have failed to report to their respective offices “without valid and accepted reasons.”

Circular Issues Stern Warning

A circular issued by Chief Secretary (DP) Vineet Joshi outlined the government’s stance, expressing concern over officials attached to Deputy Commissioners/line departments/field level offices who are not attending or reporting for duty. The circular emphasized that such actions are considered a breach of conduct and a dereliction of duty under the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964.

Accountability Measures in Place

Deputy commissioners and heads of departments have been directed to maintain a register to record the attendance of the aforementioned “attached officials.” Additionally, an action taken report is expected to be submitted by March 13. The records, including any reports of improper conduct, will be shared with salary-disbursing authorities.

Enforcement of ‘No Work, No Pay’ Principle

The order explicitly states that the principle of ‘No work, No pay’ will be applied to officials failing to report to their assigned authority or attending offices without a valid and accepted reason. Deputy Commissioners are tasked with ensuring the enforcement of this policy across all offices within their respective districts.

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