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Manmohan Singh’s letter to BJP over Covid scare gets ridiculed by Harsh Vardhan

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Manmohan Singh’s letter to BJP over Covid scare gets ridiculed by Harsh Vardhan

New Delhi: Trying out his weird taste of humour at this difficult times, Union Minister for Health, Harsh Vardhan on Monday rebutted to former PM Manmohan Singh’s letter on fighting Covid-19 and said that “History shall be kinder to you Dr Manmohan Singh ji if your offer of ‘constructive cooperation’ and valuable advice was followed by your @INCIndia leaders as well in such extraordinary times !”

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The point by point replay drafted by union Minister came a day after Manmohan Singh on Sunday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the covid-19 crisis, stressing that ramping up vaccination was the key to battling the pandemic.

Tweeting a reply to which Mr Vardhan said most suggestions provided by him had already been enacted by the government a week prior and that the Congress needs to admit that India has been doing very well in terms of vaccinations.

“However, it does seem that those who drafted your letter or advised you, have done a great disservice to your standing by misleading you regarding material that is already in public domain. For example, take the point that you have mentioned about allowing import of vaccines that have already been approved by credible foreign authorities. You made this suggestion on April 18, 2021, but a decision on this had already been taken a week ahead of your suggestion, on April 11, 2021,” read the letter.

The Union Health Minister also wrote that the same is the case with Singh’s suggestion regarding providing funds and other concessions to augment vaccine manufacturing. “This decision had also been taken many days before receipt of your letter and multiple vaccine manufacturing entities have been funded by the government to immediately enhance production,” he added.

In his letter to the prime minister, the veteran Congress leader said one must not look at absolute numbers but the total percentage of population vaccinated.

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“The key to our fight against COVID-19 must be ramping up the vaccination effort. We must resist the temptation to look at the absolute numbers being vaccinated, and focus instead on the percentage of the population vaccinated,” he said in his letter.

The suggestions come a day after the Congress Working Committee met and discussed the efforts required to fight the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Union Health Minister in his reply tweeted, “In all humility, a word of advice to you as well, Dr Manmohan Singh ji ! A learned man of your stature could do well to surround himself with better advisors. All suggestions given by you have been implemented a week prior to your letter. PS : There’s value in staying updated!”

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