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Mann Ki Baat highlights: PM Modi talks about Science and Women’s Day

By Priyanka Verma 
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, February 27, shared his thoughts with the people in the country and abroad through his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’. It is the 86th episode of the monthly radio programme of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister’s monthly radio broadcast ‘Mann ki Baat’ is aired on the last Sunday of every month. The first episode of the programme was broadcast on October 3, 2014.

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In today’s edition of Mann ki Baat, PM Modi talked about various issues.

Here are key highlights of today’s address.

.PM Narendra Modi began by talking about Indian culture and heritage. He said that in the recent past, we have brought more than 200 idols and artifacts back to India which were stolen and smuggled to various countries. “India’s feelings are associated with it; India’s reverence is attached as well, and, in a way, it creates a lot of strength in people-to-people relations as well,” he said.

.He added that Goddess Annapurna’s idol was also brought back. “The countries where these idols were stolen and taken away to, also started to feel now that it could also have immense significance in the diplomatic channel of soft power in relations with India,” he said.

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.Taking forward India’s culture and its influence, he talked about Tanzanian siblings who lip sync videos of Indian songs. The siblings Killi paul, and his sister Nima were honoured by the Indian embassy in Tanzania.

.He said that if they can value Indian culture this much, then Indians can also do that. He added, referring to international Mother Language Day, that a person can never leave their mother language, the same way that one cannot leave their mothers.

.He shared an anecdote of a visit to a Telugu family in the US. “I once went to visit a Telugu family. It made me really happy, that all the members of the family would have dinner together if not out of town, and everyone will speak only in Telugu at the dinner table,” he said.

.He also said that even after 75 years of independence, many people feel ashamed of their culture and language. This should not be done, and one should take pride in their own language. He further talked about India’s linguistic diversity, in which he said “Language is not just a medium of expression, but also serves to preserve the culture and heritage of the society.”

.He supported his statement by saying that India has one of the oldest languages in the world, Tamil and we should be proud if it. Appreciating the linguistic diversity of India he said, ‘Bhasha Anek, Bhaav Ek’.

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.He said, “We, as Indians should be proud of that. We have 121 languages, and from those 14 languages are used regularly. In 2019, Hindi became the third most spoken language in the world, and we should be proud of it.”

.As the day is celebrated as Marathi Diwas, he congratulated the people on the occasion and talked about Marathi poets and writers who have made the country proud.

.PM Modi, then went on to talk about the power of Ayurveda. He shared another anecdote about his recent meeting with former Kenyan PM Raila Odinga whose daughter has been suffering from a brain tumor. After her treatment, she lost her vision due to the side effects. After losing hope from everywhere, Odinga found the treatment in an Ayurveda hospital in Kerala which restored much of her vision.

.He then talked about women’s empowerment and said that women are excelling in every field and now saving the country as well by joining armed forces.

.He said that from parliament to panchayat, women are achieving new goals each day. He added, that his government increased the duration of maternity leave, and we are trying to increase the marriageable age of women to give equality to women.

.The government is also working to eradicate evils like Triple Talaq. Since the criminalisation of this custom, an 80% decrease in cases of Triple Talaq in the country have been seen, he added.

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.He then talked about National Science Day on February 28 that is also known as Ramana Effect Day. “Along with CV Raman ji, I pay my respectful tribute to all the scientists who have contributed significantly in enriching our scientific journey,” he added.

.He then requested all the families to work on developing the scientific temperament in their children. Simple scientific things can be explained easily to children at home. By looking at stars interest in physics and astronomy can be developed in children.

.He finally concluded his address by saying that March is a month of festivals and one “should buy local products on festivals, so that the lives of the people living around you also become colourful and vibrant.”

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