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Medhaj organised health related awareness session

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An awareness session on health related issues was organized by a NGO named Medhaj at Medhaj Tower wherein prominent doctors of medical institution including Sanjay Gandhi and Cardiology department head Nirmal Gupta marked their presence and addressed the audience about many health related advantageous information.

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Addressing the audience, Nirmal Gupta stated: “Obesity is the major reason behind diabetes and many other diseases while excessive intake of sugar and salt can be harmful for the body. Consumption of any sugar included eatables leads to the generation of insulin in the body that result in increase of the quantity of Chlorine and Liptin in the body which in turn leads to excessive want to eat more than the normal diet.”

Talking about the fasting culture in our country that prevails from the ancient times, Dr. Gupta further stated: “Our ancestors and saints lived a longer and healthy life because they believed in fasting.”

He also said: “Our body is made up of end number of cells and the process of development of new cells and damage of cells is continuous in our body and these destroyed cells collect as waste material in our body and when this waste material do not flush out from our body then they become the major reason of development of various types of diseases. When we are hungry but our body is not provided with food then it starts eating those destroyed cell which in turn will either make the body less prone to diseases or it will make it more prone to diseases.”

Talking about diseases like dementia and Alzheimer, Dr Gupta said: “Diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer are prevalent in India because of our improper lifestyle. Nobel Prize winner Oshanori Oshusi by giving the example of the fasting theory talked about the continuous eating habit of the people that is somehow the major problem in today’s world and not only this but the growing culture of fast food and junk food consumption in larger quantity is a big reason behind disease generation in our body.”

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Advising the viewers to consume fibre rich eatables and fast at least twice a week, Dr Gupta further stated: “Anything that is consumed after processing is harmful compared to non-processed foods.”

Informing the audience about high-intensity interval training in order to keep the body fir and healthy, Dr Niramal said: “Everyone must give at least 10 minutes to their body on a regular basis and perform any one exercise like Running, Jogging, Walking, Dancing, Skipping etc for 30 seconds and after having done that keep your body at rest for at least three minutes.”

Along with Dr Nirmal Gupta, Dr Nipendra Pandey also addressed the audience about health related problems and other relevant health related information.

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