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Meet this FISH with Human-like teeth that likes to crush its food

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Lucknow: What would you do if you come across a fish that has same teeth like you? Would you eat it or run for life? Well, recently internet was abuzz with a picture of a fish that had human-like teeth and netizens were going crazy over its extraordinary set of teeth.

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This jaw dropping fish is known as sheepshead fish (Archosargus probatocephalus) and is commonly found along the North American coastal waters, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico. The fish has been given its name due to its mouth looking like the mouth of a sheep.

It can grow up to around 91 cm (35 inches) in length and weigh up to 9.6 kg (21 lbs).

The sheepshead reportedly “have human-like incisors and molars” to help crush their food. They can grow up to 3 feet long and eat a variety of oysters, clams, crustaceans and plant matter.

The fish was caught by fisherman Nathan Martin on August 3. The pictures of Martin posing with the fish were shared by Jennette’s Pier, a fishing destination in Nag’s Head, North Carolina.

The sheepshead are sometimes referred to as the “convict fish” due to the black vertical stripes over its body — a nickname which it apparently takes very seriously since it’s often seen stealing bait.

So, back to our question what to do if you encounter this fish, run for life or relish on its fine white flesh and mild palatable taste, which is highly sought after by restaurants. Well, we will recommend you to eat this as sheepshead is perfectly edible and a quick google search can provide you with hundreds of recipes.

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