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Meeting challenge of POR in Infertile couples: Dr Gita Khanna

By Team Pardaphash 
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Lucknow: Failing ovary and poor ovarian response is a big challenge globally for the specialists treating infertile couples claims Dr Gita Khanna, renowned OBGYN and infertility IVF specialist of Ajanta hospital and IVF centre Lucknow.

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She was addressing a day long national CME on ‘Poor Ovarian Response’ which was attended by more than 250 gynaecologists OBGYN specialists from Lucknow and surrounding areas Including from premier institutes SGPGI and RMLIMS Lucknow, Railway hospital, Command hospital and KGMU.

The academic session was addressed by key persons who are internationally recognised stalwarts of IVF like IFS President Dr Gauri Devi, Dr Pankaj Talwar, IFS secretary, Dr Rupa Bassi and Dr Pratap Kumar.

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Mayor Lucknow Mrs Sanyukta Bhatia and director RML institute of medical sciences Prof Deepak Malviya inaugurated the CME.

During the meet, the experts gave a message to the young couples to marry at right age and do not forget to complete the family at an appropriate age before ovarian reserve declines with age.

Dr Gita Khanna, the organising secretary, suggested the young couples to try to contact infertility specialist if they don’t conceive within 12 months of trying for baby and within 6 months if age is more than 35 yrs along with life style and obesity management There was a vibrant panel discussion by experts of the field at the end of the session on latest strategies for diagnosis and management of poor ovarian response (POR).

The challenge of expected poor ovarian responders is found in cases with previous ovarian operations for cysts and endometriosis ,diabetes, smokers, Thalasemias ,chromosomal defects, certain infections ,post chemo radiotherapy ,lifestyle issues like obesity and late marriages due to carrier issues.

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These issues were discussed at CME organised by Ajanta Hope society of Human reproduction and Research (AHHR) by organising chairperson Dr Gita Khanna of Ajanta Hospital and IVF centre Lucknow.

During the seminar, it was discussed that ovaries are the organ to provide eggs (oocytes) which are needed for the fertilisation to produce baby. Eggs are produced by the ovarian follicles and their number is fixed at the time of birth and at a given age and this is called Ovarian Reserve, It starts significantly reducing after 35 yrs of age in both quality and the quantity.

Hormonal drugs are needed for ovarian stimulation to produce eggs but it is difficult to know that how much a patient will respond to drugs and also it is difficult to know what response will come, thus poor response to ovarian stimulation is cause of concern and is now a distinct clinical disease.

Ovaries may also fail in earlier life ,is known as premature ovarian failure or premature menopause .Various markers like AMH and AFC has been designed to know about ovarian reserve at a given age certain patients despite normal ovarian reserve tests ,may not respond meaning thereby unexpected poor ovarian response.

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