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Memories made: Motivagers Club celebrated Navratri with senior citizens

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At the time of global warming and high level of pollution people are trying their level best to celebrate eco- friendly festivals be it Ganesh Chaturthi to now the month of Navratri and Dussehra, in order to celebrate a nature friendly Navratri along with senior citizens Motivagers Club organized an outdoor event in Lohia Park of Lucknow’s Gomtinagar area with the theme ‘Navratri Celebrations’ which happened to be their 11th event in line.

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Talk on Navratri and Dussehra

As known to all of us, Dussehra is celebrated to symbolize the victory of truth and Navratri is celebrated to worship 9 avatars of goddess Durga but the important part is about the perception of people on these festivals.

Sharing their well-versed view point, one of the members of Motivagers Club Mr. Guru Prasad said that even though we celebrate Dussehra by burning down the evil but in reality the malpractices in the society is prevalent to a greater extent.

While one of the members of the club K Arora shared a unique fact about Navratri that on one hand where in some parts of India people strictly avoid non vegetarian food during the holy month of Navratri similarly on the other hand the most of the people of Bengal specially consume non vegetarian food during Navratri.

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Members performed Dandiya

Navratri celebration without Dandiya and Garba is considered to be incomplete therefore it seemed as if the open ground of the park, trees and the slow breeze were cooperating with members of the club to perform Dandiya and Garba with utmost enthusiasm.

The zeal raised the energy level of everyone present there and seeing the members dance no one could resist from tapping their feet to the beats of the song.

Games to refresh the ambiance

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The competitive spirit boosted up the morale of the members when they were asked to compete in teams against each other in games like ‘Tongue Twister’, ‘Rangoli with flower petals’, ‘Match the following through chits’.

While one member from each team represented the team, the other members of the same were cheering for their respective teams and lastly the winners for Rangoli were Mrs. Amita Gupta and Mrs. Veena Tandon, after succeeding in repeating ‘Red roller yellow roller’ fastest amongst others Mrs Janak Arora was the winner of tongue twister.

The sportsman spirit of each one was clearly visible when Motivagers Club arranged for a Golf match for their members; one could clearly distinguish between the loud shout of getting one shot right and a low tone of disappointment after missing a good shot during the match. The enthusiasm of all the senior citizens while playing Golf did not let anyone feel their age but the winner of the game was Mrs. Shail Tiwari who nailed it by getting two shots right on point.

Distribution of handmade gifts

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The gifts to the winners happened to be specials as they were handmade and beautifully designed by one of the volunteers of the club Sheetal Sachan.

Concluding the event, founder to club Gaurav Chhabra talked about the idea of doing more such outdoor events with new themes in every upcoming event. He also expressed his gratitude to all the members of the club for their support and cooperation.

The founding members of the club Vaibhav Pratap Singh, Prishita Rathi, Astha Singh and Sikhar Yaduvanshi also marked their presence in the event along with volunteers of the club Ayushi Pahwa and Vanshika Dwivedi.

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