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Must try these 4 varieties of tea in this monsoon: Monsoon tips

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Must try these 4 varieties of tea in this monsoon: Monsoon tips

Monsoon has started and what is the matter if you get the best ginger tea during this time, but the same type of tea every day may not excite you like that anymore. Instead, if you treat your tea palette with a new type of tea every day, you might like it. Of course, people in India drink different types of tea according to their own taste, but have you ever wondered how many variations can be made in a simple looking tea?

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1. Cinnamon Tea

The cinnamon flavor gives the tea its unique smoky taste. This tea can prove to be very good for those who do not like ginger and want to have a different taste in parachai.

How to make?

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After a boil in the daily tea, add ground cinnamon powder (1/4 tsp) or a small piece of cinnamon and boil it well. This tea will have to be cooked a little more because the tea does not taste raw after the cinnamon flavor comes.


Add a little less sugar to this tea because cinnamon has its own distinct sweetness and flavor, so the tea will not taste too sweet.

2. Clove and Cardamom Tea

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This is probably the most popular and talked about tea after ginger tea. The aroma of this tea is most unique and due to clove-cardamom, it will also give relief in your throat.

How to make?

Crush 4 cloves and 1 cardamom with tea leaves and put in daily tea. Do not add too much cardamom or else the flavor will become so much that the tea will not be drunk. Cook it just like you cook every day.


Always add crushed cloves and cardamom, it will be good for the flavour.

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3. Basil Tea

If you are suffering from cold and cough, then Tulsi tea can prove to be the best. Its strong flavor is enough to beat your cold.

How to make?

First boil tea leaves and 3-4 washed basil leaves with water. After this add the rest of the tea ingredients, this tea will turn out very tasty.


Do not put too many basil leaves as they contain mercury and too many leaves can cause harm.

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4. Lemon Tea

Normal milk tea is drunk daily, but drinking lemon tea in this environment would be something else.

How to make?

Boil tea leaves, a little sugar, a slice of lemon with water and filter it. Enjoy it by adding mint leaves on top.


Don’t put too many things in it, only the lemon flavor will give you the best taste.

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