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Must try these 5 effective exercises to reduce double chin

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Exercises to reduce double chin: A double chin can make your skin look saggy and make you look much older than you probably are. After 25, your skin starts to deteriorate no matter what product you use. Doing facial exercises is the key to look younger.

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Also, if you hate your face fat, these exercises will help you melt it away. Facial exercises are as important as exercising the rest of your body. Facial exercises help increase the blood circulation and counteract wrinkles as well.

The main reason for the jaw fat is the inactiveness of the platysma muscle. Platysma muscle starts from the mandible (lower jaw) and attaches to the collar bone. When the platysma muscle becomes weak and skin becomes loose, then it appears as double chin.

# Do Facial Exercises

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Facial exercises are the most effective thing you can do to slim down your neck. They give the muscles of your face and neck a good workout. So you can finally kiss that double chin goodbye. How about giving them a try right now?

Exercise 1: We’ll start off with the simplest one. All you have got to do is move your lower jaw back and forth.Do 10 reps.

Exercise 2: Now stick your lips out in an O shape and hold them in this position for five seconds. Now smile big and say ‘E’. Do 5 reps. for five seconds.

Exercise 3: To start this next exercise sit up straight and press your hand against your forehead. Now lean your head into it and fight your hands’ resistance. Keep your chin up though don’t tilt your head. Do five presses each one for ten seconds. Now put your hands behind your head and press the back of your head against them. Don’t tilt your head back. Keep it straight. Again 5 reps for 10 seconds.

Exercise 4: To finish your little workout, look straight. Now, stick your tongue out and try to touch your nose with the tongue. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Do this twice daily to reduce fat from your chin.

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# Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Daily moisturizing is essential for your skin to look healthy and fresh. Even though a lot of women know that some ladies still forget that the same thing applies to the neck as well you don’t even need a special lotion. Your regular face cream will be just as good for your neck. The only trick to pay attention to how you apply it to your neck because it’s important to go in upward strokes. It’s also highly recommended to include your neck in your regular skincare routine. For example, the skin on your neck needs gentle exfoliation just like your face does.

It’s better to use a mild exfoliator though, for example, you can mix together yogurt and dry oatmeal in order to make a substantial scrub. It’ll help remove dead skin cells without hurting the delicate skin on the neck. Follow these simple rules and your neck will be tighter, firmer, and youthfully radiant.

# Eat More Foods Rich In Vitamin C And Fatty Acids

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Vitamin C can help you with a ton of health problems. It stabilizes

– blood pressure levels

– improves heart health

– boost your immune system and

– even prevents cancer impressive list

Your skin also benefits a lot from vitamin C since it boosts collagen production, making the skin plumper and way more elastic. This is why it’s better to include citrus fruits, tomatoes, and berries in your diet, and don’t forget about foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Among them are

– avocado

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– fatty fish

– olive oil

– nuts

They help nourish the skin from inside which is just as important for its health and appearance. Your neck skin of course gets its dose of this awesome treatment too. So if you choose your meals wisely not only will you see that double chin gets vanished before your eyes but will also notice fewer wrinkles and any other signs of neck lines.

# Watch Your Posture

Poor posture doesn’t just look bad, it can also wreak havoc on your health. Julissa grew as a Physiotherapist specializing in the role muscles play in headaches says that bad posture and increased neck tension can easily lead to not developing in the muscles. Plus, when you’re constantly slouching or tilting your head down, wrinkles can appear. As you probably know they’re not easy to get rid of either the same goes for the appearance of a double chin.

If you know that this is a problem and you want to get rid of it, working out is the best way to go. You can find tons of exercises online aimed at improving posture. So just choose the one you like and go for it. However, there’s one more offender keeping you from beautiful skin and good posture and it’s your cell phone. Many people hold it lower than the high level when they read or watch something. This does nothing good for your neck so be sure to avoid that as well.

# Don’t Overuse Perfume

Where do most people apply their perfume – on their wrist and neck right? But while we usually put just one drop on our wrists, we can go a little overboard on the neck springing that smelly good stuff all over in hopes that the scent stays with us for as long as possible. However, the poor delicate neck definitely doesn’t appreciate that. You see perfume contains alcohol and different chemicals that dry out your skin and make it less elastic. Less elasticity means more sagging and wrinkling. So just put a dot of perfume under your earlobes. And, if you’re used to refreshing it throughout the day it’s better to apply it only to the wrists.

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