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Narendra Modi is Satisfied: Here is why

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DWARKA/CHOTILA/GANDHINAGAR:  Narendra Modi is of the opinion that modifications in the GST regime giving relief to small and medium businesses have been hailed across the country as they kindled the festive mood of Diwali a fortnight before it is celebrated.

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On an expected note, he launched and inaugurated a plethora of projects, and slammed the Congress party for questioning the state’s development model.

“Today, I have seen newspapers from across the country. They carry headlines that Diwali has come 15 days earlier.

“You all must be busy preparing for Diwali, and in Gujarat, Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm, especially among businessmen,” he told a public gathering in Dwarka from where he started his two-day visit.

“(We had said)…Wherever there are problems in these three months, as in the areas of management, shortage of technology, problems related to rules, complaints regarding rates, trouble in practical experience of business class, we will address it,” he said.

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“I am happy that it has been welcomed in one voice across the country,” PM Modi said.

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