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Narendra Modi: What about outcome based approach

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New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi asked for an outcome-based approach with regard to development in rural areas which should be free of poverty, illness and casteism.

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According to Prime Minister, country has sufficient resources to deliver benefits to the last man in the queue and the desired results can be achieved through good governance. He said solutions for sustainable development in rural India cannot be force-fed from the outside but would have to be developed taking into account the needs of the people.

On an expected note, Modi said it had to be implemented using the latest technology, without any diversions and within strict timelines. “It should be outcome based not output based…. There should be no dilution or diversion from the spirit it was conceived. We have to adhere to a timeline for completion,” he said. “In India, benefits of a scheme can be delivered to even the last man in a queue. India has enough resources. What it has been lacking is good governance,” Modi said.

“Our villages are still poisoned with the venom of casteism…. The poison of casteism destroys the village and crushes its dreams,” Modi said. “We need to make efforts so that the villages rise above casteism and become inclusive and cohesive,” he added.  

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