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NASA on Monday postponed the launch of historic Moon rocket Artemis I over “Engine Bleed”

50 Years have passed since a person went to the moon. Now once again the preparations are in full swing to send humans to the moon. Under this, today Artemis-I will fly, which is the first step under the preparations to take humans to the moon in the future.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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New Delhi: Who does not dream of flying in the sky? If there is an opportunity to go to space, it will be like the fulfillment of the most beautiful dream. People have even bought land on the moon, but till date only two people have reached there. 50 years ago, humans stepped on the Moon for the first and last time. Now once again the efforts have intensified to send humans to the Moon. Under this, the first step is to be taken today. NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Mission rocket will fly today i.e. on Monday 29 August.

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NASA on Monday postponed the test flight of Chandrayaan before its Artemis mission at the last minute. The launch was postponed due to last minute temperature issues in one of its four RS-25 engines. Artemis 1 mission will now be launched a few days later. This non-manned flight is part of an ambitious program to first go to the Moon and then this program will be run on Mars. Now it will be launched on September 2 or September 5.

This launch will happen at 6.33 pm Indian time. You don’t need to go anywhere to watch the launch. Rather you will be able to watch this launch live here on india.com itself.

Today’s step will play a very important role to once again land humans on the moon after 50 years of Apollo mission. Some small satellites will be installed in the Moon’s orbit through the rocket to be launched today. Artemis-1 will also orbit the Moon. Here you will get the latest news related to this launch. According to experts, there are 80 percent favorable conditions for today’s rocket launch.


You have several options to watch the launch of Artemis-1. You can watch this launch from YouTube channel to app and also on NASA’s website. Live coverage of this launch will start at 6.33 pm Indian time. You can watch this launch by clicking on the link given below.

You can watch the live streaming of the launch right here below –

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Tens of thousands of people — including US Vice President Kamala Harris — had gathered along the beach near the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to watch the launch. The mission is taking place 50 years after Apollo 17 astronauts last set foot on the Moon.

The goal of the flight, dubbed Artemis 1, is to test the SLS and the Orion crew capsule that sits atop the rocket. Mannequins equipped with sensors are standing in for a crew for the mission.

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