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Noida CEO Fires Employee for Unauthorized Disclosure of Official Documents

Noida Authority CEO Terminates Clerk for Breach of Confidentiality: Leaking Official Letter on Social Media

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Noida CEO Fires Employee for Unauthorized Disclosure of Official Documents

Noida Authority CEO Lokesh M has taken action to terminate the services of clerk Mukul Tiwari, who was accused of breaching confidentiality by leaking official documents on social media. The decision followed an investigation by a committee appointed by the CEO, which confirmed that Tiwari had circulated a photo of an official letter on social media.

The termination was enacted in accordance with rules governing confidentiality and secrecy, as reported by officials familiar with the matter on Sunday.

The junior officer under contract, stationed in the office of a deputy general manager, is accused of leaking a confidential letter from Prayagraj police to the Noida Authority. The letter, requesting information on properties linked to the late mafia-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his family members in Noida, was allegedly disclosed by the officer, according to officials.

We have terminated the services of this employee to convey a clear message that anyone violating work ethics will face consequences. We have previously taken strong actions against those found breaching rules or facing allegations of corruption. We will persist in taking such measures without any tolerance,” stated the CEO.

The two-member investigative committee comprised an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) and the Deputy General Manager (Civil).

The act of sharing government letters on social media and in newspapers, thereby breaching office confidentiality, is highly objectionable. Therefore, following the confirmation of Mukul Tiwari’s culpability, his services have been terminated with immediate effect,” stated Lokesh M.

Approximately 15 days ago, the investigating officer from the Prayagraj police commissionerate forwarded a letter to the Noida CEO, highlighting the ongoing proceedings under the Gangster Act against Ahmed. The officer requested the CEO to investigate the details of any properties owned by Ahmed, his wife Shaista, their five sons, and Ahmed’s deceased brother Ashraf along with Ashraf’s wife Zainam in Noida, according to individuals familiar with the matter.

The police communication stated, If there are any properties of the accused Atiq Ahmed and his relatives or family members in your jurisdiction, please inform us so that they can be prosecuted under Section 14(1) of the Gangster Act.

Subsequent to this, the Additional CEO, Sanjay Kumar Khatri, instructed all departments to furnish information on properties associated with Ahmed within one week. The directive letter was subsequently leaked and disseminated on social media on November 20.

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