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Noida Twin Towers demolition today: Countdown begins to raze down 100m structures scheduled at 2.30 pm today. All you need to know

Supertech Twin Towers located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh will be demolished today. Demolition work will be done at 2.30 pm today on Sunday.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

Noida: After a nine year long legal battle, Supertech illegal twin tower in Noida will be demolished today. It will take only 15 seconds for the twin towers to collapse. This building is about 100 meters high. Demolition work will be done at 2.30 pm on Sunday. In this regard, on Saturday, the officials conducted a final investigation of the explosives and other arrangements. Officials said that all the work of installing and connecting the explosives has already been completed. Countdown begins to raze down 100m structures scheduled at 2.30 pm today. All you need to know-

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An official of Edphis Engineering, who was working on the demolition of the building, said that it will be safely demolished on August 28 with “water fall implosion” technology. Apex Tower (32 storeys) and Cyan (29 storeys) will be toppled like a deck of cards in less than 15 seconds. At the same time, it will be ensured that the surrounding buildings are not damaged, one of which is located just nine meters away, he said.

Officials engaged in the demolition work of the Twin Towers have said that more than 3,700 kg of explosives have been planted in the towers. The final investigation of the connection of explosives was done on Saturday.

Now the only work left is to connect the twin towers and lay a 100 meter long cable from the structures to the explorer. Exploder is the place from where the demolition work will be done on Sunday.

9 seconds: That’s how long the collapse will last, says the project engineer. He will stand next to the blaster, to be designated by the Noida administration, besides three experts from Africa and some other government officers — not more than 10 people in all — who will stand at least 100 metres away. Traffic on the Greater Noida Expressway — within the 450-metre no-go zone — will be stopped for half an hour. That is, 15 minutes on either side of the blast, from 2.15 to 2.45.

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12 minutes: That’s the time it will take for dust to settle. It could vary a bit if wind speed isn’t the usual. After that, labourers will move in to check on adjacent buildings, and get to work on the debris immediately. The debris, of course, will take much longer to clear — up to three months for the 55,000 tonnes (or 3,000 trucks). It’ll be dumped at some designated areas in the region.

30 mm per second: Vibrations after the blast will be felt up to 30 metres, but only for a few seconds, that too at just about 30 mm/second. In simpler words, that’s equal to an earhquake of 0.4 on on the Richter Scale. Noida routinely gets minor tremors, and structures built as per norms here can withstand a Richter Scale-6 earthquake.

The builder had planned to construct 40 floors in each tower. While some floors couldn’t be built due court orders, some were broken down manually ahead of the explosion. One of the towers, Apex, now has 32 floors. The other has 29. While Apex is 103 metres tall, Ceyane stands at 97. The plan was to 900+ flats, two-thirds of which had been booked or sold. The Supreme Court has ordered the developer to provide a refund with interest to those who had bought flats in the structure.

The twin towers are being demolished after a legal battle that has lasted 9 years. Residents of Supertech Emerald Court society moved the court in 2012 after these towers were approved as part of a revised building plan. They said these were hemming them in. Illegalities were found in the approvals and some officials faced action. The Allahabad High Court ordered the demolition in 2014. The case then went to the Supreme Court. Last August, the court gave three months to demolish the towers, but it’s taken a year due to technical difficulties.

Noida twin towers’ demolition: 5 key points
-The demolition in Noida is scheduled to take place at 2.30 pm on August 28.
-The demolition of the Apex (32 storeys) and Ceyane (29 storeys) towers would leave behind approximately 35,000 cubic metres of debris that would take at least three months to be cleared.
-The go-ahead for demolishing the twin towers with explosives was given by the Supreme Court.
-The exercise was earlier supposed to start on August 21 but the court accepted the Noida Authority’s request and extended its date of demolition to August 28.
-The twin towers are set to be razed over grave violations of building norms.

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Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari said that after the demolition, all arrangements are being made to remove the dust from the area. He said that apart from the cleaning personnel, mechanical sweeping machines, anti-smog guns and water sprinklers would also be installed at the site.

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