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Pardaphash Exclusive: Narendra Modi means ‘business’ this time around

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit is going to be ‘business’ this time around.

There is going to be no gala diaspora event this time around as is always the case with Modi’s visits to foreign countries.

In his tenure as a PM, all of Narendra Modi’s visits to foreign countries had huge diaspora functions, whether it was to the US, UK, Australia or the UAE.

On it’s part, the Indian diaspora, has reacted quite positively to Modi, flocking in huge numbers.

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Initially, there was some suggestion of holding a diaspora event in Houston but it was eventually dropped. Talking about Houston, it is one of the biggest cities in the US and has a big NRI community.

However, the PMO and the BJP’s overseas cell have given a green signal for a diaspora event in Israel when Modi visits the country next month.

India has been on the Trump administration’s mind for H1B visas and the Paris climate change agreement that Trump revoked, also criticizing India for that.

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