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Plan your week based on your weekly Horoscope for May 17-23

By Saima Siddiqui 
Updated Date


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When it comes to professional and financial matters, make sure you are up-to-date with current news and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Strive to balance stability with small incremental changes. Slow and steady wins the race as you apply new knowledge within a conservative framework. Worrying about all the work you have to complete this week won’t help matters. Prioritise tasks and pace yourself. Then you’ll get things done without having a brain snap!


With unpredictable Uranus moving slowly through your sign, take nothing for granted and avoid being an intractable Bull. The more you open your mind to new possibilities and accept change willingly, the less unsettled you’ll feel. Be inspired by birthday great, writer Bertrand Russell. “In all affairs it’s healthy to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.” Just make sure you obtain information and news updates from reliable sources.


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The Sun joins Mercury and Venus in your sign. So variety is the buzz word as you tackle a range of projects, juggle roles and multitask like a real pro. On the weekend you’re keen to escape your weekday routine via daydreaming, reading, watching movies, socialising or travelling (in Covid safe ways). But don’t neglect serious responsibilities in the process. Keep your feet on the ground and do your best to steer clear of taboo topics and sensitive subjects.


You’re keen to retreat into your cosy Crab cave as the Sun, Mercury and Venus activate your contemplation zone. So solo activities like yoga, meditation, reading and journal writing are favoured this week. But – if you stumble and make a mistake – don’t let negative self-talk drag you down. Be inspired by actress and birthday great Joan Collins. “Show me a person who has never made a mistake, and I’ll show you somebody who has never achieved much.”


It’s time to shine! Monday’s powerful Sun/Pluto link favours work matters, business partnerships and professional projects, as you combine dazzling creativity with powerful determination. Plus use your fertile imagination to help manifest your preferred future via goalsetting, a practical plan and a patient approach. So, your mantra for the week is from human rights activist (and birthday great) Malcolm X, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

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On Monday you’re full of fabulous ideas but don’t overpromise and then under-deliver. You’re feeling curious and are keen to communicate about a wide range of subjects, but are other people in the mood to listen? Under the influence of nebulous Neptune and Mercury (your patron planet) it will be very easy to misinterpret what others are saying (especially on the weekend). So choose your words wisely and your conversation topics carefully, at home and work.


It’s time to cultivate a relationship with a child or teenager, initiate a fabulous new friendship or take up a hobby you’ve always been interested in. But has an old friendship finally run out of steam? Or is a fair-weather buddy criticising your behaviour and holding you back? Venus and Saturn urge you to review your peer group, discard negative influences, and surround yourself with positive people who nurture your talents and support your dreams.


Courtesy of Monday’s magical Sun/Pluto trine, transformation is the name of the game this week. But don’t worry about trying to change (or control) those around you. Focus on yourself first. Can you reinvent a close relationship, pivot professionally or transform your physical appearance? Your motto for the moment is from Taurus birthday great, entertainer Cher. “The only thing in the world you can change is yourself and that makes all the difference.”

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Have you got stuck in a rut when it comes to unhealthy eating choices and lack of exercise? It’s a good week to revamp your diet and reboot your fitness routine. The more you nurture and repair your body, the better you’ll feel – physically, mentally and emotionally. A close relationship is going through a bumpy patch but Venus encourages you to swallow your pride, slap on a smile, and hold out the olive branch of peace. Feel the love Sagittarius!


On Monday, the Sun forms a fabulous trine with powerful Pluto (in your sign) so you’ve certainly got the passion and motivation to get things done. But don’t let your desire to micro-manage everything (and everyone) get out of control! Aim to be disciplined and organised, but not obsessively so. The best way to approach current challenges and difficulties is to tap into your inner reserves of patience, resilience and Capricorn creativity.


Remember there’s a fine line between making smart decisions at lightning speed and making impulsive moves that land you in hot water. This week will work best if you do something out of character for an Aquarius – think before you speak and act! Hopefully calm Venus and steady Saturn will settle you down. Plus do your best to get the balance right between maintaining the status quo (with things that are working well) and hatching innovative new ideas.


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You won’t feel particularly energetic or motivated this week, as Neptune drains the gas out of your tank. Avoid the temptation to get carried away and make unrealistic promises. It will be very easy to over-extend yourself and find you’ve bitten off more than you can actually chew! Use the prevailing astro-winds wisely as you re-calibrate your expectations, pace yourself and look after your health. Regular exercise and nutritious meals are a must!

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