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PM Modi Commends Resilient Uttarakhand Tunnel Workers for 17-Day Ordeal

In a heartening conversation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the 41 workers rescued from the Uttarakhand Silkyara tunnel after a demanding 17-day rescue operation led by the Centre, state governments, and other agencies.

By Rekha Joshi 
Updated Date

In a heartfelt interaction, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his congratulations to the 41 workers who were successfully rescued from the Uttarakhand Silkyara tunnel following 17 days of tireless efforts by the Centre, state governments, and various agencies. During the conversation, PM Modi expressed admiration for the workers’ endurance, emphasizing that 17 days is a significant period and praising their unwavering hope throughout the ordeal.

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PM Modi acknowledged the blessings of Kedarnath and Badrinath, underscoring the potential gravity of the situation had the rescue mission not succeeded. He commended the workers for their exemplary bravery, highlighting the crucial role of unity among them during the crisis.

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Addressing the workers directly, PM Modi noted, “You had each other’s back throughout the crisis. At a moment like this, conflicts often arise, even in a railway compartment. However, your unity and resilience stood out.”

One of the workers shared with PM Modi that they never felt scared during their time inside the tunnel. He described how they supported each other like brothers, engaging in activities such as communal meals and walks inside the 2.5 km tunnel. The worker mentioned that they even practiced yoga in the mornings, emphasizing the camaraderie that developed among them.

Acknowledging the efforts of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and Union Minister of State General VK Singh (Retd), PM Modi remarked, “Yes, VK Singh was there throughout, displaying his Army training and discipline.” The Prime Minister’s words underscored the coordinated and disciplined approach that contributed to the successful rescue operation.

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