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PM Modi interacts with students today and gives crucial tips for success in programme “Pariksha Pe Charcha”

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The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, just concluded his “Pariksha Pe Charcha”. During the programme, he gave some wonderful tips to students on how to become successful in practical life. His Guru Mantra was followed by a huge number of students all over the country.

PM Narendra Modi’s interaction with students on the event, “Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022,” started at 11 am today at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi.

The Prime Minister has interacted directly with students, parents, and teachers from across the country. The interaction was regarding pre-exam issues, such as preparation methods, managing stress, etc.

The slogan for the fifth edition of PM Modi’s pre-exam interaction with students is Pariksha ki Baat, PM ke Saath. As per the education ministry, Pariksha Pe Charcha is part of a larger movement called “Exam Warriors.

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PM Narendra Modi’s initiative, Exam Warriors,” aims to create a calm atmosphere for children when it comes to exams and bring together students, parents, and teachers to provide confidence individually.

PM Narendra Modi addressed students in classes 9–12 at Pariksha Pe Charcha. He also interacted with their parents and teachers. During this programme PM Modi answered students’ questions.

Excerpts from PM Modi’s “Pariksha Pe Charcha”

Adopt a Lifestyle for the Environment: Modi’s Homework

PM Modi concluded the Pariksha Pe Charcha by giving students a task. He asked students to ensure that Mother Earth is safe. He said, “If you can stand under the shadow of a tree, if you can see a clean, flowing river, then thank your ancestors.” You have not contributed towards it and it is instead a gift from your ancestors to you. Now, it’s your responsibility to do the same for generations after you. ” The PM asked students to stop single-use plastic, be prudent regarding the use of water, and plant more trees.

If there is too much competition, then there are also too many choices and alternatives for your generation: PM

Competition is not something to be scared of. In fact, it is something you should be on the lookout for. Be competitive. It helps you access where you are. It helps you in self-evaluation, “said PM Modi. He also asked students to give competitive exams regardless of the outcome. If it does not go well, or if it’s not for you, look for an alternative. If there is too much competition, your generation will have too many options and alternatives, the PM said.

Develop habit of revising lessons, PM Modi tells students

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Students sometimes face difficulties while making important decisions. Students should develop a habit of revising whatever they have learnt in class with their friends. This will help them absorb knowledge together: PM Modi during the fifth edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha.”

Board, CUET: How to Manage Changes, Answers PM

The idea is not to study for your exam. If you are studying for an exam, you are looking for strategies to solve your current question, but if you have learned all the topics in classes 10 and 12, you will be educated, skilled, and master of your subjects. This will help you solve all kinds of exams, whether they are board or competitive tests, said PM in response to questions about the change in exam patterns.He took the example of a player. He said acing the game is a strategy for a player, not if he is playing at the district or national level.

CUET, Change in Admission, Change in Board Pattern: What to Do, Asks Students

There are too many changes for this year’s students, including changes in board exam pattern, the addition of CUET, and the huge changes in the exam. What should we do now?, asks a student.

To stay motivated, try being demotivated first: PM

There is no injection for motivation. Maybe you should study what makes you demotivated first, said PM, while answering a student’s question on how to stay motivated. We often look for “Motivation Ka Injection” or Motivation Ka Formula”. But we have to search for those that demotivate us and keep them away from us. Then we have to look for things that motivate us, like some songs, books, etc., and keep them close, added the PM.

PM Suggests Mindful Studying for 2022 Board Exams

Do not just keep on reading mindlessly, but analyse how you are spending your time. What are you reading or learning? What is the outcome of the time spent on each subject? We sometimes end up spending more time on subjects we like and less time on subjects we dislike, according to PM.


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What is PM Modi’s Exam Warrior Campaign?

Every year, PM Modi interacts with students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders on exam-related issues, education, peer pressure, life skills, etc. He also released a book called “Exam Warriors” in 2018. A revised edition of the same was released last year too. Pariksha Pe Charcha is part of the larger movement called “Exam Warriors” led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to create a stress-free atmosphere for youngsters. It communicates the core messages of each mantra that the Prime Minister has written in the book Exam Warriors. This module is not just for youngsters but also for parents.

PM asked parents to be grateful for which seed they are sowing in their children’s Minds

Parents trying to fulfil their dreams through their children end up injecting their fears and failures into students. Children feel pressured, said PM, asking students to carve their own way and asking parents to not sow the seed of fear in students. He said, if we sow a seed in the soil, it turns out to be a small plant, while in the same soil, another seed can turn out to be a vat vriksha. The fault is not in the soil but in the seed we sow.

In online learning, are you reading or watching reels? PM Asks Students

When you read online, do you read or watch reels, asked PM Modi a question on time management in online education. He said it’s not the fault of online or offline education because it’s not a matter of where you are but how focused your mind is during the classes, said the PM.

Modi’s strategy for how to prepare at the last moment for board exams

Are you panicking because you are not prepared for the exam? Now, it’s your choice to either focus on the things you have missed or focus on the topics you have prepared. I would suggest you build confidence on topics you have prepared well for. Don’t be under pressure to create panic, “said Modi, suggesting to students on the last leg of preparations.

Medium of teaching is not the problem: PM

Whatever happens offline, the same takes place online. This means the medium is not the problem. Irrespective of the medium, if our mind is delved into the subject, then it won’t make a difference in grasping things: PM Modi during ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ in Delhi’s Talkatora stadium.

He also suggested students use online tools to restrict, discipline themselves, create goals and study accordingly.

NEP Brings Sports to Mainstream: PM

Playing is essential for prosperity, growth. Sports are a must. Sports teach courage, team spirit, and help students understand competition. But sports have been taught as an extra activity for a long time. This has been changed under NEP 2020. We cannot build the twenty-first century with twentieth-century thinking and policies, said PM.He asked students to note that NEP is not new and stands for National Education Policy.

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Parents are more concerned about their children’s exams than students: pm

Addressing students, Prime Minister Modi asked students to raise their hands if they were stressed about exams and then asked them to ask if it was their parents who were stressed more. Based on student reactions, it was found that students felt more pressured by parents than on the exam itself.

PM to Reply to Students’ Queries Round the Year via NaMo Aap

PM Modi said that he will reply to questions raised by students even after the interaction in audio, textual, and visual content using the NaMo App.

PM shared a link to watch Pariksha Pe Charcha

Over 15 lakh students and parents will be attending the event today in Delhi. However, there are many who could not be part of the event physically. For the rest of them, PM Modi has tweeted a link to stream the Pariksha Pe Charcha coverage live.

PM Modi addresses students of Class 9-12

PM Narendra Modi will address students from classes 9–12 at Pariksha Pe Charcha. He will also address their parents and teachers.

PM Modi checks out exhibitions by students ahead of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is checking out projects made by students across the country and exhibited at Talkatora Stadium before the fifth edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’.

PPC 2022 Commences

Students welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he steps onto the stage and the fifth edition of the flagship programme, or PPC 2022, begins. The first address is by the union minister of education, Dharmendra Pradhan.

PM Asks for Students’ Autograph

While looking at innovations created by students at the Talkotoda stadium, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked one group of inventors to sign their product for him. The students had created a 3D printed transistor with the Mann ki Baat logo. Mann ki Baat is a weekly programme in which the Prime Minister interacts with the public.

PM Modi Reviews Student Innovations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviews the innovative products created by school students. From blue-took serving tables to Vedic mathematics to origami, students display products developed by them.

Results are Beyond Marks: PM

The Prime Minister insisted that “what you study cannot be the only measure of success and failure in your life. Whatever you do in life, they will determine your success and failure. ” Therefore, children should come out of the pressure of people, parents, and society, said Modi.

PM Shares Strategies to Follow During Exams

The Prime Minister asked the students to take an exam in a relaxed frame of mind. “All your tension must be left outside the examination hall,” said Modi. He advised the student to focus on giving the answers in the best possible way without getting tense about the preparation and other worries.

How to increase memory power? A student asked

One of the students posed a question on tips to increase the memory capacity. To remember things better, Modi suggested ‘involve, internalize, associate, and visualize’. He said things that are internalised and become part of the thought flow are never forgotten.

How to Deal with Difficult Subjects?

Modi suggested taking every subject with the “same attitude and energy.” The Prime Minister said that the most difficult parts should be addressed with a fresh mind and that this will make the easy ones feel even easier. He said in his work as Prime Minister now and earlier as a chief minister, he preferred to tackle difficult issues in the morning with a fresh mind.

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