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PM Modi Recounts Challenges Faced by Vibrant Gujarat Summit Amid Previous Central Government Opposition

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, reflected on the 20-year journey of the event and shared insights into the challenges faced during its early years. He pointed out that the central government of that time did not offer support and cooperation.

By Rekha Joshi 
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Gujarat: During a recent discussion on the 20-year journey of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed significant hurdles that the event faced. He pointed out that during that period, the central government did not provide any support or cooperation to the state. In fact, central ministers declined to attend the summit, and foreign investors were reportedly threatened not to invest in Gujarat.

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Despite these challenges, PM Modi emphasized that investors still chose to participate in the event. Their motivation was not driven by financial incentives but by Gujarat’s reputation for good governance, fairness, equitable distribution of growth, and transparent government practices. PM Modi criticized the previous central government, accusing them of viewing Gujarat’s progress through a political lens, which hindered cooperation between the state and the central government.

PM Modi also mentioned that central ministers would initially express their intent to attend the summit but would later backtrack. He used the phrase “Pata nahi peeche se danda chalta tha” to suggest that there may have been hidden or undisclosed factors influencing their decisions, potentially involving coercion or pressure.

PM Modi’s remarks highlighted the challenges faced by the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, including a lack of cooperation from the central government, the absence of central ministers, and alleged threats to foreign investors. Despite these obstacles, Gujarat’s appeal to investors lay in its reputation for good governance and transparency, which continued to attract investment despite political differences between the state and central governments.

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