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Prepare to inspire others; Read weekly horoscope for Oct 11-17

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Prepare to inspire others; Read weekly horoscope for Oct 11-17


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Rambunctious Rams: this week there’s the potential for explosive Sun-Pluto power struggles with an authority figure, work colleague or loved one (especially on Sunday). The situation is further complicated by Mercury being retrograde. So calm down and try to communicate with extra care and diplomacy, otherwise you could over-react and do or say something you later regret! Strive to be uncharacteristically patient and make frustration your friend.


It will be very easy to say the wrong thing to the wrong person, as Mercury is retrograde. Making controversial comments will just land you in hot water, so think things through and choose your words wisely. You can also expect some delays or disruptions to your daily routine. A fun and flexible attitude will help you navigate the week in a more positive fashion. The weekend favours socialising with family and exercising with friends (in Covid-safe ways).


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When it comes to communication and conversation, you’ve certainly got the Gemini gift of the gab. But Mercury (your patron planet) is in retrograde motion (until October 18) so be careful you don’t blurt out remarks that you later regret. Try to be disciplined with yourself and compassionate towards others. Take the time to contemplate the wise words of birthday great Oscar Wilde, “Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us.” 


There could be cross words between you and a relative, as you seem to be heading in different directions. Remember the good times you’ve enjoyed together and search for common ground. Things will look a lot brighter in the morning. Your motto for the week is from birthday great Eleanor Roosevelt, “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” If you are single, you could find yourself falling for a business colleague or a work mate. 


Mercury is reversing through your communication zone, and there’s a challenging square between Pluto and the Sun. So try to avoid online arguments and run-ins with authority figures. If you are the person in charge, then resist the urge to be bossy and over-bearing. Behaving like a demanding Diva will get you nowhere fast! Try to be extra patient …which is not one of your natural virtues. For some lucky Leos, Jupiter blesses a community project or a joint venture.

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This week Mercury (your patron planet) is in retrograde mode. So the more unreliable, unpredictable and demanding others are, the more you will shift into fussy, finicky, obsessive mode. You’ll feel less stressed if you take ten deep breaths, try to relax and keep things in perspective. Remember – you can’t control what other people say and do, but you can control how you respond. The weekend is good for rebooting your budget or going on an outdoor adventure.


The Sun, Mars and Mercury are transiting through your sign, which highlights your charm, creativity and joie de vivre. But Mercury is in retrograde mode (until October 18) which increases your tendency to be indecisive and sit on the fence. So try not to be too wishy-washy this week! Focus on the things you do well, as you appreciate and celebrate your Librans talents. Be inspired by birthday great Oscar Wilde, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”


On Friday, the Sun and Jupiter encourage you to reach out and help a family member or someone within your local community. Then the Sun squares powerful Pluto (your ruler) on Sunday, which boosts your temperamental streak and your Scorpio control-freak tendencies. And you may feel like you’re stuck in a rut or even going backwards. The more stubborn you are, the more challenging the week will be. So keep your options open and try to be more flexible.

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Prepare to inspire others with your high spirits and contagious enthusiasm. You’re at your buoyant best on Friday, when the Sun and Jupiter boost confidence levels and put extra wind in your Sagittarian sails. But a situation (involving friends or finances) looks complicated on the weekend, when someone could misinterpret your actions. Ask for some clarification, otherwise you could find yourself jumping to hasty conclusions! Patience is the key.


The mid-week Venus/Saturn connection is promising for confidence levels, long-term love, a business partnership and planning your future direction. An unresolved personal problem has got your head in a spin but do your best to sort out any ongoing dramas. A work colleague, client or customer could be anything but reasonable on the weekend. Try to project a cool, calm and collected Capricorn persona, as you focus on being extra positive and productive.


You’re keen to expand your world via exciting foreign friendships and international contacts. If you link up with like-minded people, then it will open new doors of opportunity. But Mercury is retrograde so it will take time. You also need to be careful what you post online, as a casual comment could be taken out of context and lead to controversy. Expect the sparks to fly on the weekend, when the Sun/Pluto square stirs up a problem from the past. 


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Expect flashes of creative and spiritual inspiration on Friday, when your imagination and intuition kick in. The rest of the week looks intense, as retrograde Mercury stirs up inner compulsions, submerged secrets or hidden resentments. You could also become possessive about a person or material object. Try to keep things in perspective and learn to let go. As birthday great Hugh Jackman observes “You can’t go through life obsessing about what might have been.”

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