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Pune Railway Station: Tragedy can occur anytime

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Mumbai: Even as there are issues aplenty by commuters regarding the bad situation on the current pedestrian bridge at Pune railway station, particularly against the backdrop of the tragedy at Elphinstone railway station, there are no signs that a new bridge will be ready soon.

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If officials are to be believed, the new foot overbridge (FOB) being constructed on the Raja Bahadur Mill road side will be ready only by the next financial year, as lack of funds has delayed the work.

Indications are that the new bridge will be parallel to the old bridge and six metres wide.

The main foot overbridge (FOB) at the Pune junction, built in 1856 and extended in 1926, sees an average of one lakh of commuters using it per day.

In terms of figures, the Pune junction has 160 regular trains, as well as weekly trains arriving and departing throughout the day.

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“People should use all the three FOBs. We find that a lot of people tend to wait on the old FOB, some even squat with their luggage which causes maximum crowd on the bridge. We have observed that during the 3.30 pm to 7 pm slot, there is a lot of crowd, so as a precautionary measure, we have two railway protection force personnel (RPF) who make sure that no one waits on the bridge,” public relations officer, (Pune division), Manoj Jhawar, says.


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