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Punjab Chief Minister Vows to Seize Properties Acquired Through Corruption

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann of Punjab has declared that the government will confiscate the assets of individuals who have amassed wealth through corrupt means. He made this announcement on Thursday, emphasizing that the state has initiated a vigorous campaign against corruption.

By: Rekha Joshi  Pardaphash Group
Punjab Chief Minister Vows to Seize Properties Acquired Through Corruption

Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann announced on Thursday that the state government will seize properties acquired through corrupt practices. Speaking at an event where he handed over job letters to 272 newly-appointed cooperative inspectors, CM Mann emphasized the government’s commitment to rooting out corruption in the state.

Addressing the gathering, Mann dismissed allegations from opposition parties that the government’s actions were politically motivated, asserting that the administration’s focus was on combating corruption. He criticized corrupt leaders who had amassed wealth in the form of lavish properties while the common people struggled to make ends meet.

“We will confiscate the properties of those individuals who acquired them through corrupt means,” Mann declared, emphasizing that every ill-gotten penny would be reclaimed and utilized for public welfare initiatives.

Mann highlighted the government’s efforts in providing job opportunities to the youth, stating that 36,796 youngsters had been appointed across various departments based solely on merit. He reiterated the administration’s dedication to empowering the youth by offering government jobs and mentioned plans to establish eight centers to train students for competitive exams.

The chief minister urged the newly recruited officials to use their positions responsibly, working for the welfare of the people and ensuring justice rather than causing harm or harassment.

Mann also proudly stated that Punjab had become a prime investment destination in the country due to the government’s persistent efforts. He revealed that the state had attracted investments totaling ₹50,871 crore, which would generate approximately 2.89 lakh jobs, indicating a positive economic trajectory for Punjab.

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