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Putin’s mother not only woke up from dead but gave birth to a despot who forced the world into war

By Saima Siddiqui 
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New Delhi: At a time when Russia has raged a war against Ukraine and both the countries are seeing more and more of its people dying with each passing day, an interesting fact can not be overlooked that gives us a glimpse into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s life.

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Several years ago in a television interview, Hillary Clinton -former US Secretary of State and First Lady – offered an insight into the mind of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his ‘vision’ about how his country should be.

The interview dates back to 2014, when Russia, under Putin’s administration, had already annexed Crimea and before that in 2008, it had invaded Georgia.

At that time no one could’ve thought that eight years later, Putin’s military would roll into Ukraine but Hillary, when asked about his endgame, said that the Russian President ultimately wants to create a Eurasian Union to compete with the European Union (EU), a ‘grand vision’ that went beyond invading and annexing countries.

In the interview, Hillary also shared a personal story that Putin had once told her.

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Hillary, representing the United States at a formal dinner, was seated next to Putin, when she told the Russian president of her visit to the memorial to victims of the Siege of Leningrad and how she was moved by what she saw.

To which, she recounted, Putin told her that it was terrible and that his parents had lived through it.

Putin then shared a personal story with her.

His soldier father, who had come home for a short break during World War II, was coming down the street where their apartment was and he saw a huge pile of dead bodies being loaded onto a cart for the burial, Putin said.

When his father reached close he looked at the pile and realised that a pair of shoes in the heap belonged to his wife. Putin’s father demanded the men to hand his wife’s covered body to him but they resisted and said that she was dead. After an argument, they let him take the body. The grieving soldier took his wife’s body in his hands and came back but after a while he realised that she was alive. He took a good care of her and after eight years Putin was born to the couple in 1952, now the leader of one of the most influential countries told Hilary.

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Hillary has also shared the story in her book ‘Hard Choices‘, although the authenticity of the tale has been called into question by some.

The former US First Lady herself said that while Putin was convincing in his telling she is unclear if the tale is true or not, however, it offered an insight into what Putin thinks about “what it means to be Russian”, not just for Putin but for all Russians who went through purges, World War II, sieges, a period during which millions of lives were lost and then the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Hillary is of view that Putin’s grand plan is to restore Russian greatness, increase its influence and power from central Asia to eastern Europe, under Eurasian Union.

“He has been looking for opportunities to go forward on his vision. He wants to create a Eurasian Union to compete with the European Union (EU),” she said.

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