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Queen Elizabeth II dies: King Charles III to address UK as Britain mourns for late monarch

Queen Elizabeth II RIP: King Charles III to address UK as Britain mourns for late monarch. Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth, has been made the next King of Britain. His coronation will be done with historical surroundings.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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United Kingdom: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday. She was 96 years old. Elizabeth II was Britain’s longest-reigning royal figure. She remained at the helm of the regime for 70 years. Now after the death of Elizabeth II, her eldest son Prince Charles will be the new King of Britain.

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Just two days ago, the Queen appointed Liz Truss as the 15th Prime Minister of her reign, smiling in photographs. However, being weak, he was seen using a stick. His 70-year reign witnessed two centuries of social, political and technological upheaval.

The last remnants of the vast empire of Britain collapsed. Brexit shook the foundation of her kingdom at home and her family endured a series of scandals. But throughout, she continued to be popular, being queen and head of state not only of the United Kingdom but of the 14 former British colonies, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Charles, 73, said: “The passing of my dear Mother, Her Majesty the Queen, is a very sad moment for me and all my family members.” Charles is the oldest person to ever occupy the British throne.

In a statement, he said, “We deeply mourn the passing of a great empress and a very dear mother. I know he will be deeply missed by the entire nation, the people, the Commonwealth and countless people around the world.”

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The coronation of Charles, an elaborate ritual steeped in tradition and history on a certain date, will take place in the same historical setting as it has been for centuries.

However, questions will now be asked about whether the golden age of the British monarchy has now passed, how an ancient institution can remain viable in the modern era, and whether Charles will command the same honor or rule under his mother’s shadow.

He was also due to meet officials in charge of his accession and the elaborate arrangements for his mother’s set-piece funeral.

He will decide on the length of the royal household’s period of mourning, which is expected to last a month, while the U.K. government will observe 10 days of official remembrance, when limited business is conducted.

Elizabeth, whose public appearances had become rarer, died following months of ill-health that first came to light after she spent an unscheduled night in hospital in October 2021 for undisclosed health tests.

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In one of her last official acts, on Tuesday, she appointed Ms. Truss as the 15th Prime Minister of her reign, which started with Winston Churchill in Downing Street

She was seen smiling in photographs but looked frail and leant on a walking stick. Her hand was also bruised dark blue-purple, sparking concern.

Her coffin will initially remain at Balmoral, a private residence set among thousands of acres (hectares) of rolling grouse moors and forests.

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