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Rain wreaks havoc in Rajasthan, cars washed away in Jodhpur; Rivers in spate after downpour in J&K

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Jodhpur: Rain wreaks havoc in Rajasthan, vehicular movement stalled. The anger of nature is being seen from the mountain to the field. There is a flood of devastation everywhere. There is an outcry in many cities of Rajasthan. So at the same time, the rivers are in spate after heavy rain in Kathua of Jammu and Kashmir. Many people got trapped in the rivers, after which the rescue operation was conducted. People are helpless and helpless in front of the calamity raining from the sky.

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In Rajasthan, the Meteorological Department had issued an orange alert on Monday and then when disaster rained from the sky, destruction and destruction started appearing everywhere. Everyone was shocked to see the flow of water in Jodhpur city of Rajasthan. Due to heavy rains, the streets of Jodhpur city were flooded, which stopped where it was. The loud sound of water started scaring the people.

jodhpur city filled with water
The water stream started moving fast, ripping the car parked on the road. It is being told that a car was parked outside the house of MLA Suryakant Vyas. For a long time this car kept with the flow of water. The eyes of the people present there were fixed on the car. People standing around also started making videos. Several people were seen standing near the car. Everyone started feeling that the car was now in the water. Then book But the car too as if bent on fighting with the water.

In the meantime, the stream of water intensified and due to the strong flow of water from the front, the blue car went into the water like a toy. It looks as if the flood has put the car in the back gear and is taking the car backwards.

This scene of inundation was not seen only in this street, but it was more or less the same in many parts of each. Several vehicles got stuck outside the hospital. During this, some ambulances also got stuck in the water. Due to which a lot of difficulties had to be faced. In the midst of this rain of calamity, some people were also seen doing bhajan kirtan in the Shiva temple. For a long time in Jodhpur, the rain water created an orgy and people’s breath remained stuck.

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River in spate in Jammu and Kashmir, people stranded
Rivers are in spate due to heavy rain in Kathua of Jammu and Kashmir. In such a situation some people got stuck in Ujh river. To save whom the rescue operation was carried out. Due to heavy rains some people got stuck in the midst of the strong current of that river.

When the administration got the news of people being surrounded in inundation, SDRF teams reached the spot and rescue operation started. The flow of water was so fast that the rescue boat had to face a lot of difficulties in reaching the people trapped in the flood. The rescue team safely pulled out 4 women trapped on an island in the river. When the news of people being trapped in the Ujh river in Kathua was received at many other places, the SDRF team carried out a rescue operation for the people trapped from place to place and it also got success.

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