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Re-discover your vim, vigour and verve! Read weekly horoscope Aug 30–Sep 5

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Rambunctious Rams – you’re keen to call the shots but remember there’s a big difference between leading others and just being plain bossy. Domineering behaviour will lead to unnecessary dramas so slip on your humility hat, as Venus encourages you to be a consultative Lamb (especially in close relationships). The Sun and Mars urge you to establish a regular exercise routine and make healthier food choices. Green smoothies and chia cupcakes anyone?


It’s a good week to step in and take the initiative with a child, teenager or friend who is facing challenges. If you offer a positive, proactive solution (without being bossy or judgemental) then they might just accept your advice! When it comes to a paid or volunteer job, a practical step-by-step plan could lead to more work in the future. Be inspired by birthday great Beyonce, “Life isn’t about living without problems. Life is about solving problems.”


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Hey Twins … prepare for a split-personality kind of week! The Sun and Mars are visiting practical, earthy Virgo (and steady Saturn trines your ruler Mercury). But Mars opposes nebulous Neptune (in the opposite sign of Pisces). So things will tend to oscillate between organised calm and confusing chaos. And beware fake news! Whether it’s from family, friends, work colleagues or the media, make sure you double-check all information that comes your way.


Have you got a long list of domestic chores that you’ve been avoiding? With the planets activating your home zone, tackle the to-do list with extra energy and enthusiasm. But it would be wise to handle a feisty neighbour or family member with a double dose of diplomacy. And don’t fall into the trap of being side-tracked (or persuaded) into pursuing someone else’s agenda. Have the courage, conviction and fortitude to forge your own path and follow your own dreams.


The stars favour communicating, social networking and multi-tasking to the max! You crave your comfortable Lion routines, but you need to shake them up with some creative thinking and adventurous ideas. And are you stuck in worry wart mode? Seek advice from an older friend or family member … someone whose wisdom and experience you respect. A problem shared is a problem halved. For some lucky singles, love could be as close as the girl or boy next door.

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The creative Sun and confident Mars are both moving through your sign (and Saturn trines your power planet Mercury). So you’ll be at your versatile Virgo best as you impress others with your methodical mind, broad general knowledge, multi-tasking skills and meticulous attention to detail. Which makes it a particularly suitable week to analyse evidence, power through paperwork, do research, edit work, revise projects, make decisions and problem-solve.


With Mercury and Venus both visiting your sign, it will be hard for people to resist your Libran charms. If you ask for the moon and stars, others might just deliver. Singles – it’s a good time to attract your soul mate. So send out the appropriate signals, and then go after them! Mercury and Saturn also push you to build firm foundations for the future. As actress/comedienne (and birthday great) Lily Tomlin observes “The road to success is always under construction.”


This week, with Venus and Mercury visiting your seclusion zone, take a well-earned break from the madness around you and escape somewhere quiet where you can relax and rejuvenate. And re-discover your Scorpio vim, vigour and verve! The power of imagination is also on your side. You’ll find ideas and inspiration come from daydreaming and creative visualisation, as you retreat into your own private world. Strictly invitation only!

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When it comes to a relative or work colleague, you’ll have to dig deep if you want to decipher what’s really going on. Make sure you focus on verified facts, rather than vague hearsay. It is a good week to concentrate on your goals for the future. The more adventurous they are, the better. Be inspired by Beyonce (who turns 40 on Saturday). “I can never be safe; I always try and go against the grain. As soon as I accomplish one thing, I just set a higher goal.”


Don’t hide your Capricorn light under a bushel! The Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus are activating the highest part of your horoscope. So it’s time to communicate creatively, move mountains and make a real difference. Public speaking, performing, publishing and podcasting are favoured, as you showcase your leadership skills. Be inspired by birthday great, entertainer Freddie Mercury. “I always knew I was a star, and now the rest of the world seems to agree with me.”


With Jupiter and Saturn transiting through your sign, there’s no doubt you’re feeling motivated and frustrated in equal measure. Try to power ahead at a patient and steady pace. Be inspired by birthday great, actress and comedienne Lily Tomlin “View challenges as hurdles on the road to success.” The weekend is wonderful for serious thinking, focused mental work, outdoor adventures and spending some quality time with your favourite four-legged friend.


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You have a natural ability to calm, console and help others. But promising more than you can deliver is a danger this week. If you pace yourself and take practical baby steps, then you’ll get things done without too much confusion and chaos. Romance is also highlighted, as the planets amplify your relationship zones. Singles – do your best to distinguish between a soul mate connection and a dating disaster. If in doubt, let your intuition be your guide.

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