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Read your Horoscope for January 25-31, 2021

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Tuesday looks rather chaotic, as unpredictable aspects upset your previous plans. So expect the unexpected – especially involving finances and/or friends. It’s time to banish boredom and extend yourself in challenging (and Covid safe) new directions. With the Full Moon, adventurous Jupiter and restless Uranus activating your aspirations zone, your mantra for the moment is from birthday great Oprah Winfrey, “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”


With the Full Moon heating up your home zone, tread carefully with a fragile family member. It will be easy to say the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time, so try to be a super tactful Taurus! Karma and transformation play an important role in proceedings this week. The more generous you are, the more the Universe will bless you in return. A friend or lover from the past could also re-enter your life … but do you really want to travel down that bumpy road again?


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The Full Moon fires up your brain power so it’s a good week to focus your mind, research a subject that has always fascinated you or enrol in a course of study for 2021. Jupiter and Saturn also push you to consider more adventurous options. So your motto for the moment is from birthday great, writer Lewis Carroll, “Sometimes I’ve believed six impossible things before breakfast.” But expect a rather wobbly weekend, as Mercury turns retrograde and plans stall (or even go backwards).


Thursday night’s Full Moon shines a bright spotlight on self-esteem, finances, core values and trust issues. It’s also time to don your Crab detective cap and turn on your x-ray vision, as you zero in on the cause of a problem and come up with a satisfactory solution. With Venus and Pluto pairing up in your relationship zone, make it a priority to do more for your nearest and dearest. As birthday great Lewis Carroll wrote “All that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.”


Lions love to hog the limelight and be the centre of attention – especially when the Full Moon’s in Leo. But this week, the focus shifts from you onto the significant people in your life. Perhaps it’s time for your partner or your best friend to shine? Putting others first puts a spring in your step and a smile on your dial. But be extra clear in the way you communicate on the weekend. If you are petulant, pretentious or impulsive, then relations with other people will be strained and unpredictable.

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Your days are often organised with military precision as you try to get everything 100% right. But this week there’s a fiery Full Moon, plus Mercury (your ruling planet) slows down, stations and then starts moving backwards through your daily routine zone. So strive to be more spontaneous as you toss your usual timetable out the window and stretch your adaptability muscles in unfamiliar directions. Whatever happens … expect the unexpected and prepare to pivot!


Librans possess a natural talent for procrastination. But this week Venus (your patron planet) pairs up with powerful Pluto, so it’s time to be strategic and focused. If you have a passion that you want to pursue (or a decision that needs to be made) then resist being distracted by other people’s agendas. And make sure deep contemplation is closely followed by decisive action. As birthday great Oprah Winfrey observes, “Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”


Thursday’s Full Moon sees you swing between being sexy and secretive; and being passionate and possessive. You could also be thrust into the public spotlight, so make sure you’re putting on a good show. But are you stuck in a career slump? If you resist changes at
work, then you’ll just be left behind in the backwash. Look for creative ways to adopt fresh ideas and pivot in your professional life. And make sure you consult with colleagues and include them in your plans.

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The fiery Full Moon heats up your adventure zone so your hasty Sagittarian side will be switched to full throttle as you power ahead at top speed. But expect a frustrating slowdown on the weekend, when Mercury starts reversing through your communication and travel zone. Don’t worry if your spontaneous approach results in some messy mistakes along the way. In the words of French writer Colette (born on January 28, 1873) “You will do foolish things but do them with enthusiasm.”


You’ve got so many serious responsibilities, commitments and must-do-tasks that the last thing you need is a financial drama. But that’s what you could end up with, as the fiery Full Moon and retrograde Mercury shake up your money zones. Saturn (your patron planet) encourages you to be cautious and conservative in the way you spend cash and communicate with other people. So – when it comes to finances and business matters – slow and steady wins the race this week!


Prepare for a wild week as the Sun sashays through avant-garde Aquarius and squares disruptive Uranus. Plus Mercury slows down, stations and then starts reversing through your sign. So it’s the perfect time to tap into your Gypsy Soul and channel your Inner Bohemian! You’re also impatient to make some snappy decisions but resist the urge to be too blunt. With the Full Moon revving up your relationship zone, consider the effects your words and actions will have on those around you.


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If you are responsible and well-informed, then it will pay off further down the track. But don’t put your head in the sand and avoid facing problems Pisces! The Full Moon urges you to be physically fit, focused and fabulous. It’s also time to reach out to influential friends and positive colleagues who are going places, as you network up a storm. Your motto for the moment is from birthday great Oprah Winfrey, “Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher.”

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