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Ready to join BJP E Sreedharan foresees huge migration to party in Kerala

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Kozhikode: Ready to step in politics with BJP, ‘Metro Man’ E Sreedharan predicts a land sliding migration to saffron party in Kerala. Lauding BJP for its ideology, the 88-year-old political aspirant said that he had been a BJP supporter from the beginning and had an affinity to its ideals ever since his childhood.

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“I decided to join BJP because I wanted to do something substantial for the state,” said E Sreedharan on Thursday in a media interview.

“Also, when Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat, I had the opportunity to interact with him in connection with many developmental projects and I have much respect for him. That too is a reason behind the decision to join the party,” the eminent engineer known for steering many iconic infrastructure projects in the country said.

He further said that the two political fronts, the UDF and the LDF which had been in power in the state have not been able to govern the state properly. “They are more concerned about protecting their party interests rather than the development of the state. Also, they have been constantly fighting with the Central government which is hindering the state’s development. For the development of the state, we should go together with the Centre and now only BJP can do that,” he added.

He also commented on his plan to contest election from Kerala, saying that he is open to contesting the upcoming assembly elections and will be in the fray if the party asks him. However, he added that he would do campaigning for the party elsewhere in the state only in a limited manner.

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Talking about the struggles he had to face to contribute to the growth of Kerala, Sreedharan said that he had high hopes when he returned to the state 10 years back and had tried his best to contribute in whichever way possible for the development of the state “But had to withdraw from many projects like the Nilambur-Nanjangud rail line, the Light Metro project, and the High-Speed Rail project because the state government did not have any interest in them,” he revealed.

Earlier in the day, Sreedharan told media that he believed that his journey with the BJP will turn beneficial for the party in the state as he had a good image especially with regard to honesty and large number of people will come to support him. “I think there will be a landslide migration to the BJP in the state,” he added.

“The most pressing constraints in the state are in the realm of infrastructure and industries. Kerala will not be able to move ahead, especially in generating employment for the youth, without setting them right,” he added.

Announcing his political debut from BJP on Thursday, Sreedharan had said that the decision wasn’t sudden in fact it was BJP state president K Surendran who approached him with the request to join the party, adding that the talks have been going on for the last five months.

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