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Record-breaking mercury in UK, London ‘boiled’ at 40°C for the first time, severe heat in Europe

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

London: Extreme heatwave in Europe. Record breaking mercury not only in Delhi but also in Britain, Europe is currently a furnace because of the heat. In many areas including London, the mercury has crossed 40 degrees. This is the first time that the temperature in the UK has touched such a high level. This heat is not only getting rid of people’s sweat, they have to face many other problems as well. Incidents of fire have increased significantly. Train services have been affected due to the opening of railway tracks and blowing up of overhead wires. There are also reports of melting of roads in many places. The heat has worsened the condition of people not only in the UK, but in many other countries.

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UK’s highest ever temperature
According to the reports, the last time the record for the highest temperature in the UK was made was in 2019, when the mercury touched 38.7 degrees. But in 2022, so far the records of heat have been broken in 34 weather stations in the UK. The mercury first touched 40 degrees at London’s main Heathrow Airport.

According to British time, the temperature at the airport was 40.2 degree Celsius at 12.50 pm. After this, the temperature went above 40 in many other areas of London like Gringley, Nottinghamshire, St James’s Park, Q Garden, Northolt etc. According to the Meteorological Department, a large part of eastern England, from Surrey to South Yorkshire, recorded temperatures between 39 degrees and 40 degrees.

For the first time the worst summer warning
Even Scotland, which was cold, could not escape the effects of this scorching heat. The mercury soared to 34.8 degrees Celsius in the Charterhall area here on Tuesday. Earlier, the record for the highest heat was made here in 2003, when the mercury reached 32.9 degrees. Apart from this, 36.2 degree mercury was recorded in Flintshire, Wales. In view of the situation, the Meteorological Department had already warned about the extreme heat for two days and issued an extreme heat warning.

This was the first time this warning was issued. Although the weather is likely to change from Wednesday. The severe heat alert issued by the Meteorological Department for two days ended on Tuesday night. The department has expressed the expectation of rain in some areas on Wednesday.

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Huge increase in fire incidents
However, due to this scorching heat in London, the incidents of fire have increased significantly. From London to many cities, firefighters are battling the fire.

Major fire accidents have occurred in areas such as Leicestershire, East, North and South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. All the houses built in urban areas have also come under fire. People had to run for their lives. Home Minister Priti Patel has appealed to the people to be careful.

There was also an effect on the movement of aircraft
The heat is such that the runways made for the landing and take-off of the fighter jets of the Air Force have also started melting. After the tarmac melted on the runway at RAF Breeze Norton in Oxford, the Defense Ministry had to issue a statement instructing aircraft to use an alternate runway. At Luton Airport, flights had to be halted for some time when the runway melted due to scorching heat. In view of the heat, schools have also been closed. The UK’s Health Security Agency has issued a Level Four warning for England.

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