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CCP & Taliban can pose a great threat to international security: US officials

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Washington: The Taliban have captured Afghanistan. With this, the countries of the world are seen dividing into two groups. One is a group that is against the Taliban and the other is in its favour. Talking about the countries that give direct or indirect support to the Taliban, the names of Pakistan and China are unintentionally exposed in this. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to investigate the projects of these two countries and their attitude.

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Talking about China’s Belt and Road Initiative, there are 2 plans behind bringing it. First, facilitating travel between Kabul and Pakistan, which will be part of the wider transportation, and second, taking advantage of Afghanistan’s mineral richness.

China trying to increase its influence

China is gradually trying to increase its influence in the same way as it did in Latin America. There he has spread his business fiercely. Now he is trying to get the support of this extremist-minded and Pakistan-backed small group Taliban in Afghanistan, so that he can easily carry out his plans.

In an interview with Red Lantern Analytica, US Tea Party Movement co-founder Michael Johns said that India’s role in this area is very important. The relationship between India and the United States is really important amidst the increasing aggression of the ruling party of China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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CCP and Taliban relationship

Michael Johns, a leading US foreign policy expert, says, “The relationship between the CCP and the Taliban is deep, but its depth is currently being underestimated.” China’s role in the Taliban is so deep that it can and should be investigated. Otherwise, this relationship between the CCP and the Taliban can pose a major threat to international security. Taliban can never change. His intention to spread jihad on a global scale and his brutality to fulfill it will still remain the same.

Helping pakistan

Johns further says, ‘In this campaign of global jihad, they are also being offered good guidance from the ISI of Pakistan and the Communist Party of China is giving them protection. It is true that the 9/11 plan was hatched by Osama bin Laden, but it is equally true that the Taliban regime at that time directly or indirectly promoted it a lot. He had given her a safe haven. In fact, the rise of the Taliban actually came with the help of Pakistan, which wanted to see a government in Kabul that did not have much interest among the world’s major powers. That is why no government, except the CCP, is recognizing the Taliban.

This answer was given on the question of Britain

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The US is a close ally of Britain and British President Boris Johnson has said that he may need to talk to the Taliban. In such a situation, on what would be America’s stand, Michael said that ‘this group should never be recognized. Also said that his diplomatic recognition has not been extended yet. At the same time, about China’s long-term goals, John said that China had aggressive plans to cross the United States and establish its monopoly in various areas. At the same time, the Xi-Jinping government of China has always wanted to keep its control over Central Asia.

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