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Remedies to avoid chapping lips this summer!

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It is quite obvious to suffer from painful chapping lips during winters as the temperature is low and dry but if you are upset with chapped lips during summers as well then you might be even more upset to know that it is problematic and not obvious to have chapped lips. Since, we are moving towards the peak of summers now it is very important to follow few simple remedies to avoid painful chapped lips.

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Here are five easy tips to follow-

1. Apply sunscreen on your lips- While it is obvious and important to apply sunscreen on your face but very less people are aware of the fact that during summer’s sunscreen can also be applied on the lips in order to avoid chapping.

2. Apply olive oil at night- This might sound a little awkward to apply olive oil at night on your lips but doing so will help in healing of your chapped lips as you sleep in the night.

3. Drink water- Yes, it is very important for us to drink water during summers in excessive quantity as it helps in flushing out toxic from our body and which in turn keep your body healthy. But, drinking lots and lots of water will also help in avoiding chapped lips as it will keep your body hydrated and chapped lips are a sign of dehydration.

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4. Apply Ice on your lips- Sometimes the heat rises to such an extent that your chapped lips start bleeding. You can apply ice on your lips to stem the blood flow and also hydrate your lips.

5. Avoid licking your lips- When your lips are dry, you tend to lick them again and again. This is a habit that leads to chapped and often bleeding lips. When your lips are dry, don’t lick them.

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