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Riding high on nostalgia, Manisha Koirala talk about her cancer story

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Mumbai: Bollywood veteran actress Manisha Koirala who was last seen in the blockbuster movie ‘Sanju’, have suffered from a bad phase in her life when she went through cancer in her early age. She openly talked about her cancer story and about the unawareness of cancer as a disease in India.

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According to Manisha, cancer has changed her as a person and she has become kinder, more gentle and has started enjoying every perspective of nature.

She said a tie-up between pharmaceutical companies and the government can provide cheap medical treatment for patients in India.

“I absolutely agree that cancer treatment is expensive in India, but this working can help ease the burden of patients,” she added.

However, she also emphasised that people must have a healthy lifestyle so that they may not need to go to the doctor.

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Manisha said: “We need awareness on cancer in our part of the world, that is developing countries, as the developed countries are quite aware on the same. They visit doctors on time and hence, cancer is caught at the initial stage and they get cured on time. My body was giving me signs and symptoms, but I was unaware of the cause. Had I been aware of it, I would have gone earlier and got cured earlier.”

She also urged women to come forward for the cause of women empowerment by not playing the victim card, but by becoming winners and peaceful warriors.
Manisha also spoke about her book “Healed: How Cancer Gave Me a New Life”.

She said: “When I was sick, I was searching for positive stories. I could not get many stories,
except the success story of Lisa Ray and Yuvraj Singh, who came out fighting successfully with cancer.

“So I decided that when I get okay, I will share my stories with people. I also believe that sharing helps lower the burden from your head and heart. Hence, I wrote the book and I am here at JLF 2019 as I had decided to be here once I become an author.

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