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Running out with an empty stomach is better than eating breakfast?

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While people these days are running after time and money and amidst this running life we tend to forget to take care of our health. Getting up late and the rushing to workplace, school and college have become the normal routine of almost every youngster. Avoiding breakfast and running to work with an empty stomach is as easy as a pie but the after effects of following the same routine everyday is pathetic.

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We all are well aware of the fact that breakfast should be eaten in larger amount as compared to lunch and dinner but sleeping late night due to night shifts in workplace, spending time using smartphone and then waking up late in the morning leading to shortage of time for eating breakfast. Depending too much on fast food is also one of the major reasons why people leave home without eating breakfast.

However, the common question still asked by people is that running out with an empty stomach is better than eating breakfast or not? The simple answer to this is that it is beneficial to eat at least something in the morning rather than going out with an empty stomach in fact in case of shortage of time in the morning it is generally advised to carry fruits and along and consume them while travelling.

There are many who do not eat breakfast because they either go to the gym or are dieting but not eating anything will lead to loss of energy during your workout and eating right and healthy food will not need dieting. Junk food and oily food in the morning might cause problem therefore avoid eating oily food and go for eating healthy breakfast like oats, fruit salad, juice and sprouts etc.

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