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Russia acknowledges huge troop losses in Ukraine war, calling it a ‘huge tragedy’

By wasmulhaq 
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The Russia-Ukraine war has been terrible and inhuman. Both nations are ready to fight till the end. A fierce battle is in progress. After the report of violence and brutal acts by Russian troops on civilians in Ukraine, the UN has taken a positive step and suspended Russia from the Human Rights Council. It is the first P-5 country to face UN sanctions.

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Despite the disaster, the resistance of Ukraine continues against Russia. Russia has admitted that it has lost huge numbers of troops even as it intensifies its attack in the east of Ukraine.

A tough challenge from Ukraine

Facing a tough fight from the Ukrainian armies in major cities, Russia gave its most serious assessment of its invasion so far, describing the “huge tragedy” of mounting troop losses. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov lamented the rising death toll. It’s a huge tragedy for us. “We have significant losses of troops,” he said.

The continued attack by Moscow for more than six weeks has forced four million people to leave their houses and flee abroad. Analyzing death, injury, and property loss is difficult. Incessant attacks created havoc and turned several Ukrainian cities into rubble.

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UN bans Russia

The UN did a commendable job of showing sympathy towards Ukraine and decided to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council, expressing “grave concern over the nonstop attack of Russians on Ukraine and the cruel acts at Bucha and several other cities in Ukraine. Earlier, Moscow acknowledged its attack and added that it had not advanced at the fast speed it wanted.

The killing of civilians by Russian troops in Ukraine continues. But fire resistance by the Ukrainian troops is a befitting reply, which turned into a huge death toll for the Russian army.

Meanwhile, Ukraine asked its allies not to purchase oil and gas from Russia. But several countries are in favour of Russia, which is dangerous in quelling the ongoing war between the two nations. It seems like a third world war is around the corner. If it takes place, then it would be detrimental to the entire world.

Wasim Haque

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