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Russia aims to separate Ukraine into two nations, much like North and South Korea

By wasmulhaq 
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The war between Russia and Ukraine has crossed over a month. It is a million dollar question when the war will be over. In the latest developments, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, appeals for help. He accused Russia of wanting to split Ukraine into two nations, much like North and South Korea.

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Zelenskyy pushes army personnel to fight

President Zelenskyy is looking like a frustrated man after facing the long war with Russia. He appealed to his army men to come forward and defend his country from the marching Russian troops. But the worry of the separation of the country is the worst fear for Ukraine.

As Moscow’s invasion of Kiev has entered its second month, the Russian army has been penetrating the area around Kiev. People are fleeing. The capital city of Ukraine is being attacked from all corners, and it is almost destroyed. This has taken Zelenskyy’s sleep over.

US may be drawn into the conflict

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Currently, most Americans are worried that the U.S. will be drawn directly into the conflict and could be targeted with nuclear weapons, with a new poll reflecting a level of anxiety that has echoes of the Cold War era.

A huge number of Americans say they are very concerned that Russia would directly target the U.S. with nuclear weapons, and an additional 3 in 10 are somewhat concerned about that, according to a new poll.

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin has put his country’s nuclear forces on high alert. He took this decision shortly after the start of the war with Ukraine.

Support for Ukraine shown at the Oscars

Attendees at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles on Sunday night expressed their support and solidarity for Ukraine. They remained silent for 30 seconds. An appeal has been made to help the war-torn country of Ukraine, because it needs moral and financial support for the rehabilitation of a huge number of people.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy angrily warned Moscow that it is sowing a deep hatred for Russia among his people, as constant artillery barrages and aerial bombings are reducing cities to rubble, killing civilians and driving others into shelters, leaving them to scrounge for food and water to survive.

Mr. Zelenskyy accused the West of cowardice as his country fights to stave off Russia’s invading troops, making an exasperated plea for fighter jets and tanks to sustain a defense as

The Russian military appears to be trying to surround Ukrainian forces fighting in the separatist regions in the eastern part of the country, Britain’s Ministry of Defense says.

U.S. President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian ministers on Saturday, as Russia signalled it may scale down its war aims after failing to break the nation’s resistance in a month of fighting and deadly attacks on civilians.

Ukraine’s military intelligence chief says that Russia could try to break Ukraine in two. The disagreement began to increase on February 21, 2022, after Russian President Vladimir Putin recognised separatist regions in eastern Ukraine and positioned troops in a peacekeeping role.

Russian troops could pose a radiation threat.

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A senior Ukrainian official accused Russia on Sunday of “irresponsible” acts around the occupied Chernobyl power station that could send radiation across much of Europe and urged the United Nations to dispatch a mission to assess the risks.

Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said Russian forces were “militarising” the exclusion zone around the station, the site of the world’s worst civil nuclear accident in 1986.

Turkish president appeals for a ceasefire

According to the Turkish office, Erdogan spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday. As per the statement, Erdogan also called for an improvement in the humanitarian situation in the region.

In-person talks with Russia are to resume.

A member of the Ukrainian delegation in talks with Russia on ending the month-long war says the two sides have decided to meet in person in Turkey beginning on Monday.

Davyd Arakhamia, the leader in Parliament of the faction of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Servant of the People party, said on Facebook that the in-person talks were agreed upon in a video consultation.

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The war between Russia and Ukraine has put the entire world on high alert. A third world war may be the reality. If it happens, then many regions of the world will become dilapidated, like Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. World leaders should come forward and try to end the war at their earliest convenience.


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