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Russia needs manpower and weapons, depends on old tanks to continue war against Ukraine

By wasmulhaq 
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New Delhi: According to senior European sources with knowledge of the situation on the ground, Russia is rushing across the country for troops and weapons, including outdated tanks deployed in the Far East, after exhausting much of its military capabilities in the first 100 days of its invasion of Ukraine.

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These people said this while speaking under the condition of mystery to discuss private matters. According to these sources, Russia may only be a few months away from needing to slow down operations for a major reorganisation. The Kremlin might also be forced to announce a mass mobilisation in order to call up soldiers to continue the fight, the people said. According to the sources, President Vladimir Putin has been hesitant to do so thus far.

During the ongoing fight, Ukrainian forces have suffered a lot while fighting with Russian troops in both the eastern city of Sievierodonetsk and the Kharkiv region, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said.

Here are the latest updates regarding the war.

NATO set to meet to discuss delivery of weapons to Ukraine.

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Dozens of defence ministers from NATO and other parts of the world are likely to discuss weapon deliveries to Ukraine on Wednesday in Brussels, U.S. officials said, as Kyiv calls for a significant increase in arms to help hold off Russian troops in eastern Ukraine.

Global wheat scarcity

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a bane for the entire world. It will create a shortage of wheat all over the world. U.S. President Biden said that temporary silos would be built along the border with Ukraine, including in Poland, in a bid to help export more grain.

Putin wants to capture much of Ukraine

The governor of the Luhansk region said about 500 civilians’ remains on the grounds of the Azot plant, including 40 children. British military intelligence said Russian forces had likely taken fixed positions around Azot, while Ukrainian fighters could survive in underground parts of the plant. The U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy said Russian President Vladimir Putin likely still wants to capture much, if not all of Ukraine, but has had to narrow his tactical objectives in war.

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UK military intelligence says Russian forces will likely be fixed in and around Azot whilst Ukrainian fighters can survive underground.

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