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Sanjay Raut Criticizes Udhayanidhi Stalin’s ‘Sanatana’ Remark, Amidst Political Controversy

Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Sanjay Raut has expressed disapproval of Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin's recent comment regarding 'Sanatana Dharma,' which has sparked a significant political controversy. Raut emphasized the importance of refraining from making statements that could hurt the religious sentiments of the approximately 90 crore Hindus living in India and the people of other faiths residing in the country.

By Rekha Joshi 
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Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Sanjay Raut has voiced his disapproval of Tamil Nadu minister Udhayanidhi Stalin’s recent statement regarding ‘Sanatana Dharma’, which has ignited a significant political dispute in the country.

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Raut commented, “I have heard that statement…Udayanidhi Stalin is a minister, and no one will support his statement. One should refrain from making such statements. This might be DMK’s perspective or his personal viewpoint. Approximately 90 crore Hindus reside in this country, alongside people of other religions. Their religious sentiments should not be offended”.

He continued, “We must ensure that the situation in the country does not deteriorate. The BJP should not be provided with ammunition to attack us. MK Stalin is a respected leader, and the nation looks up to him. He has united with us in a shared cause. Therefore, his close associates should exercise caution with their words”.

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s comment advocating the eradication of ‘Sanatana Dharma’ has sparked a major political controversy, with the BJP accusing the I.N.D.I.A alliance, of which DMK is a part, of disrespecting Hinduism.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah stated, “In recent days, some DMK and Congress leaders have been insulting Sanatan Dharma…they are suggesting that Sanatan Dharma should be eliminated. In pursuit of vote bank and appeasement politics, they are discussing the termination of Sanatan Dharma, thereby disrespecting our country’s culture and history.”

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The Congress party, DMK’s ruling ally in Tamil Nadu, defended its partner’s right to express their views. Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal emphasized that ‘Sarva Dharma Samabhava‘ (respect for all religions) is the Congress’ ideology while acknowledging every political party’s freedom to express its views.

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s remarks were disavowed by parties such as the Trinamool Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee urged caution, saying, “Instead of saying ‘condemn’, my humble request to everybody is that we should not comment on anything that may hurt any section of society. We must remember the importance of unity in diversity”.

AAP MP Sanjay Singh added, “We do not endorse such comments. Our country is characterized by diversity, and statements of this nature should not be made. We do not support such sentiments and stand against them”.

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