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Seminar by CSRD conducted in Lucknow

By Team Pardaphash 
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Centre for Social Research and Development (CSRD), a prominent Reaserach and Development organization, organised a seminar in All India Kaifi Azmi Academy,Lucknow on the topic “Aise bana hai desh mera”.

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The aim of seminar was to discuss the role of constitution and constitutional bodies in India. The main speaker of the event Justice (Retd.) Shri Haider Abbas Raza said that the very aim of establishing the judiciary was to provide justice and equality of the people; there are certain cases where it fails to work independently due to political pressure sometimes.

Young leader Aastha Tiwari, stressed on the role of election commission in order to conduct fair elections, a lot more is yet to be done to prevent the people of influential and criminal background from winning elections. Young leader Haseeb khan discussed the election reforms by Mr. T.N Seshan,ex CEC. Hafeez Kidwai, explains, how the constitutional bodies were formed to provide social justice and inculcate socialism in citizens. There are certain reported cases where these systems collapsed and become tool of political parties, said Kidwai.

He cited examples of Ex CAG shri T N Chaturvedi, who gave report on popular Bofors scam on Rajiv Gandhi government, how it created a political storm across the country, but still there is no solid proof on those allegation made by his report. His credential became doubtful when he was awarded with Padma Vibhusan,after completion of his tenure and the BJP sent him to Rajysabha, and subsequently made him governor of various states. Next Comes Ex CAG Vinod Rai, who presented reports on 2 G scam,Coal and Commonwealth Scam and new government, honours him with the prestigious Padma Vibhusan award, he is also in the good books of a number ministers.

All these incidents create a doubt in the mind of an ordinary citizen. According to him, the constitutional bodies are being used a weapon to create political instability in country. Heads of the constitutional bodies are being duly rewarded and given higher position after their retirement, as the token of appreciation from the political parties. Mr kidwai also said that, it is very unfortunate that, people are expected not raise question on credentials of these constituonal institution, as these institutions are above the rights of people of this country. He does feel that we must not doubt the credentials of these organizations but some of their reports, decisions and statements do create state of doubt in people’s mind.

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