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Seminar held on changing dimensions of PR and Advertising in digital Era

By Team Pardaphash 
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Lucknow: Kaivalya Communication, one of the top PR Agency and Amity University, Lucknow campus jointly conducted a seminar discussing the changing dimensions of Advertising and Public Relation in Digital Era at Amity college Premises. Among the esteemed panelist were Udandrao Srinivasan (Bharti Airtel), Amit Singh (Network 18) and Vedakshari PR Consultant.

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During the Seminar, Mr U Srinivasan, Corporate Communication Head-UP, Uttarakhand, Bihar & Jharkhand (Bharti Airtel) said,” It is true that the digital world is becoming boon for rapid expansion and is highly impacting all the sectors from Publishing, Advertising to Public Relations. Digitalization in the field of advertising and Public relations is pushing the professionals towards exploring novel challenges and unexpected opportunities in varied forms. However, these digital trends have ushered in a new set of tools that help companies offer more personalized products to customers. The reason for such immense growth will be a shift from man-made to automated mediums owing to greater efficiency, reliability, and benefits of precise targeting.

Vishal Mishra, CEO Kaivalya Communication said, “Advertising and Public Relations field getting more competitive and technology growing at the rate of knots, with the digital universe growing at a scorching pace, this profession is getting increasingly challenging, creative and rewarding. Many domains – from publishing, marketing and advertising to public relations, among others – are experiencing the impact of the consequent changes in consumer behavior. The profession is also becoming rather cool: some of the most advanced tools in the business are being thrown up by technology in the form of social media and community management, digital and multimedia channels, data-based insights that sharpen messaging and improve outcomes. So, if you’d love to write, communicate and rub shoulders with media, understand the underlying psychology that drives and motivates people, you are already be on course for a career in corporate communications.

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Amit Singh, Business Strategist, Network 18 told that advertising and PR have become more strategically evolved in digital era. When we talk about advertising and content which is the core of Public Relations, we tend to create a perception, work upon changing the opinion and crisis management. As this demands the need for high quality relevant content, creativity now plays a more vital role. Social media has transformed the way that content is spread, and it’s now possible to reach massive audiences at the push of button. The measurability of the digital communication is much higher than the traditional medium. Secondly, people are majorly spending maximum of their time on phone or in front of a laptop. The target communication which is happening in this domain is much more precise in comparison to the other media platform.

Independent PR Consultant, Vedaxari Joshi told that despite the initial skepticism of many professionals, the digital world has made serious inroads into the everyday lives of consumers globally. Every year, empirical evidence indicates that people are spending more time online, perusing different digital platforms. Advertising, publishing and public relations professionals are gradually taking cognizance of this phenomenon and moving larger amounts of their budgets to the new medium. Against this backdrop, public relations professionals have little choice but to quickly understand the dynamics of the online universe and digital marketing. The digital medium has been gaining rising traction as companies find they can reach their target audience with the help of the influencers – people who promote them on their social media streams at much lower spends compared to conventional marketing mediums.

Prof. Sanjay Mohan Johri, Director, Amity School of Communication Amity University Campus Lucknow said, “Today PR practitioners are forced to keep pace with the social media challenges to deliver the message to their target audience and react with equal speed to reports that may impact the image of their clients. The growing usage of digital media platforms has caused a major disruption and there is no denying the fact that the change is here to stay. The need of the hour is to integrate digital media with traditional media for better fulfillment of the needs and wants of target audiences as it is they that make or break us.

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