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Shocking: Here are 5 places in India that you are ‘NOT’ allowed to visit!

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Are you a travel addict? Do you also like to visit places that have some strict guidelines to follow? Did you know that there are few places in India that you are strictly ‘not’ allowed to visit? Well, yes you read it right! There few unknown places in India that either have a set of rules to follow on entering them or are strictly prohibited places.

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It is interesting to know few unknown facts about our own country as India is known for its heritage and is also known for some of its unsolved mysteries. Travelling the country in itself is a big adventure as there are many interesting facts about places in India that is still not known by many people.

Without much ado, here are top 5 places in India that no one is allowed to enter:-

1. North Senital- It is a small part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the people of this place are called Sentinelese. It is said that they do not have much knowledge about the outside world. The entry to this place is prohibited by the government as they attack people when outsiders indulge on their lands.

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2. Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan- You can visit this fort but with certain conditions applied as the permission to this fort has been denied after sunset and before sunrise by the government due to paranormal activities in the fort.

3. Siachin Glacier- This is the highest military point in the world and the normal people are not allowed to visit this place as it can also be a hiding place for terrorists.

4. Chambal River- This one of the beautiful places which showcases the scenic beauty of India and because of the native dacoits this place has been avoided by the visitors.

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5. Bastar Chattisgarh- This district is famous for Naxalite activities by the Redgroup and this is the reason that it can be dangerous to visit this place.

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