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Should Indian web series be regulated?

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With the increase of people’s interest in watching movies day by day and the choice of content is also varying from one person to another but youngsters these days are more inclined towards watching ‘Netflix’, ‘Amazon Prime’, ‘Voot’ and ‘Hotstar Premium’ wherein the content circulated is not regulated by any authoritative body.

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Other than that, movies are censored and given certificate to release only then can the makers of a particular film release it in the country. Earlier than this, there have been films which were not allowed to hit the theatres because of either inappropriate content or content that may arouse communal riots and hurt sentiments of a particular community. Censor board also cut scenes from a particular movie that they find vulgar and inappropriate.

But same is not with web series available online as the content is not regulated by the censor board and this is the only reason of youth getting addicted to web series that promote pornography. The only barrier that might stop few youngsters to watch web series would be money because in order to log in to Netflix, Amazon Prime etc one needs to pay a certain amount ie Rs. 300, 400 for a month’s subscription but maximum people can afford such petty amount.

Another fact that is making web series an addiction is because after watching one episode of a certain series will definitely tempt the people to watch another episode and so on and so forth after watching all the episodes people tend to wait for the next season eagerly because web series are made to keep people engaged through its content.

The major question that is worth contemplating is whether web series should be regulated or not? Maximum number of people feels that web series is ruining the well fertilized brains of youngsters and it should definitely be regulated while few others feel that web series should not be regulated as it will hamper their right to privacy and according to them watching web series is a matter of choice and not a matter of necessity.

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