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Shraddha murder case: DNA from bone samples matches Shraddha’s father

The biggest disclosure has been made so far in the Shraddha Walkar murder case of Mumbai. The DNA sample of Shraddha's father has matched with the recovered bones. This has been revealed from the CFSL report. The bones found in Mehrauli forest belonged to Shraddha.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

New Delhi: In the biggest breaking development in the Shraddha murder case. The DNA sample of Shraddha’s father matched with the recovered bones. It is clear from this that the bones belonged to Shraddha. Delhi Police had recovered these bones from the forests of Mehrauli and Gurugram. The collected samples were sent to CFSL. All these bones were recovered at the instance of accused Aftab. Delhi Police has also received the report of Aftab’s polygraph test.

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Shraddha’s father had said that he was told by the daughter in 2019 that she has to be in a live-in relationship with Aftab. For which he refused because he is a Hindu and the boy is a Muslim.

Shraddha’s father told the police that on our refusal, my girl Shraddha Walker said that I am 25 years old and I have every right to take my decisions. I want to stay with Aftab. He said that from today onwards consider me as not your daughter.

she said she started leaving the house… I and my wife explained a lot to her but she did not agree. She left our house and went to live with Aftab. I came to know from his friends that they were together first in Naya Gaon and then in Vasai Maharashtra. Shraddha used to tell her mother on the phone and told that Aftab used to quarrel with her and also fight.

Shraddha’s father further told that after the death of my wife, I had spoken to her on the phone once or twice. Then he also told me that Aftab used to beat him. He told me the same thing face to face after about a month after coming home. I asked Aftab to leave and come home. But went to Aftab. After this Shraddha’s friends told me that nothing is good. There is a fight with him. Because of not listening to me, I did not talk to my girl for many months.

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On 14.09.2022, my girl’s friend Laxman Nadar told my boy Shreejay Vikas Walker over the phone that Shraddha’s phone has been switched off for the last almost two months. I also talked to my friend, I was also told the same thing. He said that we used to keep talking, but there has been no talk for the last two-and-a-half months.

My girl’s phone was not working, so I registered a case in Manikpur police station, Maharashtra. The police told me that the inquiry of the missing person has been sent to Delhi from the Maharashtra Police. According to the police, my girl used to live with Aftab in Chhatarpur in Delhi.

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