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Six kills by Tornado in China

By Team Pardaphash 
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At least six people were killed and another 190 injured after a powerful tornado passed through China’s Kaiyuan.

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With winds exceeding 82 kilometres per hour, the tornado reached Kaiyuan at 5.10 p.m. on Wednesday, swept through an industrial park and headed south of the city, where it faded after about 15 minutes, reported Efe news.

During that time, the tornado, which was accompanied by rain and hail, caused damage to housing blocks and factories and also affected the power supply, which has not yet been fully restored.

Images broadcast by Chinese state CCTV showed overturned vehicles, numerous power poles were torn from the ground and facades of shattered buildings after the tornado.

“The windows of our home were totally destroyed due to the tornado, but otherwise our house didn’t suffer much damage,” said a resident, adding that in case of the worst-affected family, “the tornado entered the house and tore off the bedroom doors.”

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