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Skin care for Holi: Follow THESE tips to remove colours & pamper your skin after festival

By Saima Siddiqui 
Updated Date

Lucknow: As the festival of colors is around, preparations are going full-fledged at the homes. From decorating the houses to making home made chips and selecting dress for the festivities, all things have been done but what about the delicate skin? Our skin gets smeared with rainbow of colors on the day of Holi, we love to paint people with dozens of colors but when it comes to get rid of all the stubborn colors, we end up looking like trolls or some cartoon character with colourful skin.

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So before you go out there to play Holi on this Sunday, March 28, go all prepared and know here how you can safeguard your skin, by following these simple tips to maintain your supple and healthy skin:

Time to oil-up

Before you jump start your Holi celebrations, cover the exposed parts of your body with natural oils. You can use virgin coconut oil or Argan oil or any oil of your choice.


The first thing you must do after playing Holi is to wipe out the dry colour from your body. You can use a damp cotton cloth or a water-based wipe to remove the dry colours.

Wash your body

You can use a gentle soap or shower gel with cold water to get rid of the remaining colours. Herbal shampoo with ingredients like Brahmi, Amla and others can also help cleanse your hair effectively.

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Again oil to take off greasy paints

After the application of wet colour some stains are left on the skin even after you have done your best to wash them. For such paint stains, use a natural oil to massage that area and see the colour leaving your skin slowly. It may or may not remove the stain completely.

Make your own natural scrub and packs

To make your very own home made pack, use curd, fresh lemon juice and sandalwood to make a paste and then apply it on the stain. You can apply it on the face or complete arms, too, since this paste can help remove the impurities.

You can continue using the above mentioned pack to further pamper your skin and provide complete nourishment. The natural ingredients in this pack will also ease skin irritation or reverse any damage that the chemicals may have caused.

To make this pack more effective, you can mix easily available elements such as Rosewater, orange peel powder, honey, lemon and more to make a pack of your choice. However, if you are one of them who want something straight from the skin-care product shelves, then go for a herbal pack, or the oatmeal, lemon and honey combination for the best results.

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