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Stars can predict what future holds, read weekly horoscope to know more

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Are you confused about which path to follow in the future? Pay close attention to your nightly dreams. They are full of creative ideas and symbolic wisdom that can lead you in the right direction. Aries painters, artists, writers, musicians, photographers and performers will feel particularly inspired this week, as you tune into the magical muse within. And some Rams could unexpectedly bump into a lover from the past. But do you really want to travel down that rocky road again?


Do you secretly long to change something in your life, but it never seems to be the ‘right’ time? Stop being a stubborn Bull, digging your hooves in, and making tired old excuses! This week’s New Moon encourages you to be more fluid and flexible as you go with the flow and take each day as it comes. Your motto for the moment is from birthday great, singer-songwriter James Taylor “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.” Sunday’s stars favour creativity and compassion.


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This week your quicksilver energy is firing on all cylinders and you’re keen to communicate and educate. The Sun, New Moon, Venus and Neptune also set the stage for a creative career renaissance. (But your tendency to over-talk and over-share could get you into trouble – especially if you spread gossip.) When it comes to a close relationship, you may feel as if you’re going backwards. Compromise and forgiveness will set you on the road to a satisfying long-term solution.


With four planets activating your dreams and visions zone, it’s time to set Humungous Goals and have Ambitious Aspirations. So stop procrastinating and instead, ask yourself an important question. “Do I need to tweak my dreams to make them a more honest reflection of the real me?” Believe in yourself, be authentic and reach for the stars! Saturday’s New Moon is in creative Pisces, so it’s the perfect week to revitalise your outer appearance and re-galvanise your inner dreams.


This week the Sun (your patron planet) links up with mystical Neptune, and the New Moon’s in gentle Pisces. So slow down and calm down Cats! Tap into your imaginative, intuitive, spiritual side. Dream a special dream that will propel you into a magical future. Aim to surround yourself with family and friends who support and encourage your aspirations. So your motto is from birthday great, singer and actress Liza Minnelli, “Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t know how to dream.”

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With the Sun, New Moon, Venus and Neptune all visiting your relationship zone, the more you focus on the needs of loved ones (and the more you collaborate) the happier everyone will be. Mars is powering through your career zone, so there is the potential for proactive Virgos to do very well. But don’t spoil the potential for professional success by being unusually impatient. Attached Virgo – a romantic revamp is likely, as you discover new ways to reboot a tired relationship.


Your ruler Venus links up with Neptune, so you’ll be at your flirtatious best as you charm the cynics and dazzle the doubters. If you are attached, it’s time to rejuvenate the relationship with some good old-fashioned romance. Singles – this week you could meet your soul mate while you’re doing routine daily chores … like grocery shopping or walking the dog. But watch your luxury-loving Libran urge to splurge doesn’t spin out of control via a spontaneous spending spree.


With planetary emphasis in your self-expression zone, you’ll feel more inspired than usual. Use the power of your imagination to solve problems and soar into higher realms of creativity. Your motto for the moment is from birthday great Albert Einstein, “Logic will get
you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Love and friendship are favoured on the weekend, when the New Moon encourages you to organise a peer group party or a romantic rendezvous.

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Family matters and domestic DIY projects are highlighted, as the Sun, New Moon, Venus and Neptune navigate their way through your home zone. Can you figure out a problem that has loved ones stymied? They’re expecting you to come up with the goods so get creative! With Venus visiting your home zone, love and family are linked. You’ll also find the more time, effort and enthusiasm you put into education, communication and social media, the more successful you’ll be.


This week’s stars are good for social media connections and inter-personal relations as you talk, text, tweet and post up a storm. But is your romantic relationship stuck in a time-warp where it’s been difficult to move forward? The weekend New Moon brings a shift in
perspective, as you view your lover in a promising new light. Sick and tired of being single? Your Prince or Princess is waiting in the wings, but you may have to kiss a few frogs before you finally find them!


Jupiter blesses a personal project with one proviso … your heart must be in it. If you’re just going through the motions, then it will affect the quality of your work. Saturday’s New Moon stimulates your cash zone. Letting finances take their own course seems tempting but you need to keep up to speed with money matters. If you increase your financial literacy then it will pay off handsomely further down the track, as you replace short-term whims with long-term strategies.


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Perceptive Pisceans have an uncanny sixth sense and you’ll be using it in spades this week as the Sun, New Moon, Venus and Neptune all meander through your sign. You’ll feel increasingly creative, compassionate and/or spiritually inclined. So it’s the perfect time to
break out the paint brushes, dance in the moonlight, help someone in need or explore a new spiritual practice. The weekend Venus/Neptune hook-up highlights love, romance and healing at Planet Pisces.

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