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Statement ‘You good friends of Russia get out’ reflects Indian students in Ukraine are troubled

Indian students in Ukraine are facing harassment due to their perceived association with Russia. It seems that some individuals are expressing their dissatisfaction with Indian students who may have a connection to Russia.

By Rekha Joshi 
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Indian students in Ukraine are facing harassment that stems from perceived connections between India and Russia. The statement “You good friends of Russia get out” illustrates that these students are being subjected to pressure and hostility, with the assumption that they are supportive of or affiliated with Russia.

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Ukraine and Russia have a complex geopolitical relationship due to historical, political, and territorial issues, including the conflict in eastern Ukraine and Russia’s annexation of Crimea.
India maintains diplomatic relations with both Ukraine and Russia. While India’s relationship with Russia has been historically strong, it also maintains relations with other countries, including Ukraine.
Geopolitical tensions can often lead to misunderstandings, misconceptions, and sometimes prejudice against nationals of countries that have connections with opposing sides.

Harassment of Indian Students:

Indian students studying in Ukraine have reportedly been facing harassment and pressure to leave the country. This harassment seems to be linked to the perception that Indian students are somehow aligned with Russia due to India’s historic ties with Russia.
It’s important to note that these students are not directly involved in the political conflicts between Ukraine and Russia. However, they seem to be facing backlash due to the broader geopolitical context.

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The harassment has reportedly intensified since June, which coincides with Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russian forces. The timing suggests that the ongoing military conflict might be exacerbating tensions and influencing how locals perceive foreigners, particularly those from countries with perceived connections to Russia.


The harassment and pressure on Indian students to leave the country can have severe consequences for their education and well-being. Many students might have invested time and resources to pursue their studies in Ukraine.
Additionally, this situation highlights how political tensions between countries can have a real impact on individuals who are not directly involved in those tensions.

International Relations Implications:

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This situation underscores the interconnectedness of international relations and how they can affect people on a personal level.
It also highlights the importance of promoting cultural understanding, tolerance, and separating individuals from the political issues between their countries.

In summary, the harassment of Indian students in Ukraine due to perceived ties with Russia is a complex issue that emerges from the broader geopolitical context involving Ukraine, Russia, and India. It’s unfortunate that these students are caught in the crossfire of international tensions and are facing difficulties that have implications for their education and well-being.

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