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These 10 U.S. Military Bases Help Protect Us. Do You Know Where They Are Located?

By Team Pardaphash 
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f you thought the U.S. Military only had bases around America, get ready for this. There are military bases all across the globe. Naturally, there are some that are more well-known than others, but they all serve as strategic points on the globe where the top military personnel in the world are trained and stationed. Which base would you want to be stationed at?

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Eielson AFB – Alaska

Santa Claus has to have some sort of protection around him, doesn’t he? AFB Eielson is located outside of the city of North Pole, Alaska. The base was built in 1941 and is controlled by the United States Air Force. The weather there, however, is not for the faint of heart. The temperature hovers around four degrees for a quarter of the year.

However, during the summer, the community is very lively. Festivals are hosted and the Northern Lights can be seen from out there. So overall, if you are a fan of cold weather then this would be a good place to be stationed. Those who are fond of the warmth might hate this spot!

U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan – Seoul, South Korea

Founded not too long ago in 2006, the Yongsan Garrison Base is located in the Yongsan District of Seoul, South Korea. This is the only American military base that provides the experience of living right in the middle of a huge international city.

There is one major roadblock about this location and that is it’s going to be closed but the date hasn’t been decided yet. So for anyone who wants to experience this style of living where the street food is simply amazing then you better request to get stationed there sooner rather than later.

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Naval Base Guam

The naval base of Guam is located at Apra Harbor. The current commander is CAPT Hans E. Sholley. They say the best amenity this base has is that there are four spectacular beaches to enjoy. The water is clear and warm, with beautiful snorkeling and coral. Plus, the beaches in Guam never get too crowded.

One of the cons of this base is that it is literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. That could lead to a serious case of island fever. This base is a sailor’s dream, however. Living here allows for quick travel to Hawai’i, Japan, Fiji, and Australia.

Naval Air Station Sigonella – Sicily, Italy

The Naval Air Station Sigonella base is located in one of the most beautiful locations on the map. If you happen to get stationed here there are tons of things for you to do. The base was built on June 15, 1959. One odd fact about this place is that it is home to the most active volcanoes, and the public is allowed to hike into them! That doesn’t seem too safe but it should get your adrenaline pumping. One thing that is highly discouraged is to bring up the Mafia in conversation. Allegedly, they are still underground quietly at play.

Fort Carson – Colorado Springs

In 1942, the Fort Carson base was built in Colorado Springs. This desirable location isn’t far from the Olympic Training Center, and outdoor enthusiasts would absolutely love being stationed here. There are endless hikes like Pikes Peak and Cheyenne Mountain. You would also be in close proximity to the Garden of the Gods. There is a reason they call it the best hometown in the army.

Naval Air Station Key West – Florida

The state of Florida has a strong military presence. More than 55,000 members of the military are based in the sunshine state, with most serving in the Air Force.

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Equipped with that knowledge, do you think any outside forces would want to try and attack the Naval Air Station base? There would be a lot of firepower waiting for any opposition! Being stationed in Florida wouldn’t be the worst thing, with beautiful warm water and tropical conditions near year-round.

Naval Air Station Oceana – Virgina Beach

The Virginia Beach Naval Air Station Oceana was built in 1943 and is one of the largest and most advanced air stations in the world. It is a United States Navy Master Jet base so that means that jet noises in the surrounded areas can be heard very often as the Navy performs around 219,000 operations per year!

At one point the base was almost closed, and there were talks of the city of Virginia Beach buying 3,400 homes around the base that was at risk for jets crashing. However, that never happened and the base still remains active.

Naval Base Point Loma – San Diego

Commanded by Captain Brien W. Dickson, the Naval Base Point Loma has been in use since 1959. Located in the always sunny San Diego, this is one of the nicer bases to be stationed at. Much of architecture was built back in the ’30s and ’40s so it adds a vintage vibe.

Just down the highway, you can even run into the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar where Tom Cruise made it look pretty cool in Top Gun. San Diego is rich in militant operations and people so if you’re in that field you will feel right at home coming here.

Naval Support Activity Naples – Italy

In case you weren’t aware, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world happens to be Naples. This base was built back in 1951 and is actually found at the Naples airport. This makes it a breeze for those stationed there, wanting to travel. The commander here is none other than Navy Captain Douglas W. Carpenter. This base is home to U.S. Sixth Fleet and U.S. Naval Forces Europe. The naval base is controlled by the Italians and can be managed anytime by any of their authorities.

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Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – New Hampshire

This base is as old as they come being built in 1800. It includes 54 acres of some of the greatest views you could ever see. In fact, this base is different for a special reason. A lot of Navy bases are found on the water (for obvious reasons) so they come packed with scenic views, but Portsmouth is special because of the small, historic, town it sits in, first settled in 1623 (Matador Network). Portsmouth has also been making subs since 1917.

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