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This Easter Full Moon listen what your stars have to tell | Read weekly horoscope for April 11-17

By Saima Siddiqui 
Updated Date


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Saturday night’s Easter Full Moon lights up your partnership zone so this week, focus maximum attention on a special person in your life. And you could decide to let go of a relationship that’s no longer working. It’s also time to get the balance right between independence and togetherness. Your motto for the moment is from Aries birthday great, actress and feminist Emma Watson. “All I can do is follow my instincts, because I’ll never please everyone.”


Are you stuck in a rut? Have you been too stubborn to embrace change? This week’s Full Moon shakes up your daily routine zone and injects new energy and enthusiasm into your life. But make sure your plans are rooted in reality. At the moment you’re extra susceptible to suggestion – and flattery – so be discerning about who’s advice you take. Don’t let fair-weather friends lead you up the primrose path to trouble. Choose your confidantes wisely.


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With the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction lighting up your career zone, confidence and creativity will take you far at work. Saturday night’s Full Moon stimulates your friendship zones. So those around you can look forward to some amusing antics and manic moments from you and your peer group pals. Reading and relaxing are also highlighted. Your motto is from Emma Watson (who turns 32 on Friday) “My greatest relaxation is to sit with a book.”


Crabs are the natural nurturers of the zodiac. But looking after a loved one won’t be easy, as you juggle your personal and professional lives. Saturday night’s Full Moon falls in your home zone, so stress levels will be running high (and self-control running low). This week is a good time to refresh your living space. Be inspired by Aries birthday great William Morris, “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”


The Full Easter Moon shines a spotlight on all types of communication and conversation. Expect some highs and lows in relationships, but that’s normal. The harder you work on smoothing out potential problems with loved ones, the better you’ll feel. So your motto for the week is from Aries actress and producer Sarah Jessica Parker, “You have good days and you have bad days. That’s a marriage. That’s a friendship.” Education and local travel are also highlighted.

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With the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction activating your partnership zone, the more generous and compassionate you are, the better your personal and professional relationships will be. Then the weekend Full Moon stimulates your self-esteem and money zone. So – if you want to do well financially – spending sprees are out and serious saving is in! It’s also an appropriate time to reflect on your personal values and reassess your current priorities.


This week’s Full Moon is in your sign so do your best to be fair and balanced, as you appreciate differing viewpoints. Is your love life stuck on autopilot? It’s time to blast away the cobwebs and look at things from a fresh angle. Singles – are you fed up with dating disasters? Steer clear of flirtatious charmers with frivolous values and dubious motives. On the weekend flowers, food, fashion, personal pampering and a touch of luxury are favoured.


The Easter Full Moon favours meditation, contemplation, prayer and investigation as you solve a problem or get to the bottom of a perplexing mystery. However, if you are a stubborn Scorpio who hangs onto the past and resists change, you’re in for a rocky ride. You need to be more flexible and adapt to constantly changing circumstances. Heed the wise words of Scorpio social commentator Will Rogers, “Chaotic action is preferable to orderly inaction.”

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Generous Jupiter (your patron planet) and philanthropic Neptune join forces – which only happens every 12 years. The conjunction will increase your idealism and arouse your compassion for others. So you could find yourself helping a friend in need or becoming involved with a charitable organisation as a volunteer. Creativity and spirituality are also highlighted, as you express your inner muse and/or take up meditation, yoga, philosophy or a new religion.  


The positive Sun/Saturn link encourages sensible ideas and sound judgement. Saturday night’s Full Moon activates your career zone, so it’s a good time to bring a challenging professional project to a successful completion. However – with impulsive Mars charging into your communication zone – be careful what you say to a neighbor or family member. Hasty words could land you in hot water! Venus encourages calm over chaos and diplomacy over drama.


With the Full Moon activating your travel zone, many adventurous Aquarians will feel bored, restless and housebound. So make sure you pace yourself, drive carefully, think before you speak, and pause before you pounce. Start saving your pennies so you can escape somewhere exotic later in the year. On the weekend you’ll communicate your innovative ideas with extra pizazz, as you connect with influential people and/or international contacts. 


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Prepare for a burst of Piscean creativity, energy and enthusiasm as Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all activate your sign. So lucky opportunities could magically manifest, especially at work. Then the Easter Full Moon brings things to a dramatic conclusion involving a close relationship, shared finances or a joint venture. Secrets and issues of loyalty will be placed under the microscope, as you discover whether your trust in someone has been well placed.

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